Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Some good news!

Wednesday of last week I had to take my one hour glucose tolerance test that all pregnant women take around 28 weeks.  Drank the nasty fruit punch flavored hummingbird nectar and off we went to the Dr's office where my blood was drawn and we were sent on our merry way.  

All done, gulped it down in 3 minutes...gross
Friday morning the nurse called and said, "I have bad news" Oh boy.  I was NOT prepared for this.  Why?  I generally have LOW blood sugar and have to eat to maintain a good walking around/functioning blood sugar.  I don't eat many sweets, sure I have my days, but who doesn't.  Yes, I'm fairly ignorant when it comes to diabetes of any type.
"You failed your glucose test, only by 8 points.  But, you still have to come in for the 3 hour test on Monday.  Oh, and your iron is low, you'll need to pick some up and start taking that"  The iron thing isn't a huge deal, I mean, I made it 28 weeks without needing an iron supplement.  
Little did I know, and no one told me ahead of time, that you don't need to eat any sweets the day before, no extra sugar, nothing that turns into sugars in your body. 
So, what does that mean that I did to likely cause myself to bomb this one hour test?
You got it, I got home after working my usual shift 3-11pm, I came home and found that there was a small piece of chocolate/chocolate cake left for me.  YUM!  You guessed it, I gobbled it down.  
I had been instructed to fast after midnight, I could drink all the water I wanted, but no food.  Of course I enjoyed that cake!! 

Sunday I didn't eat any sweets, enjoyed my morning coffee, and watched my food intake the rest of the day.  Monday morning, I woke up at 715, roll out of bed and head to the Dr's office laptop in hand prepared to sit there for 3 full hours.  They called me back, took my blood prior to handing me another bottle of that liquid nectar and telling me to drink up.  And off I went to the lobby to sit.  Sit.  Sit.




And sit

I had my blood drawn at 845, 945, 1045, and 1145.  Exhausting, annoying, but thank God the nurse was a miracle worker and I did not feel the 1st, or 3rd stick, at all  No exaggeration.  The 2nd stung, and the 4th was uncomfortable.  

I got the phone call yesterday afternoon that.....
I PASSED!  No gestational diabetes for me!  I learned my lesson about fasting!  LOL!!

So, Pierce and I are good to go!  I go back to the doctor the middle of July, then start going every 2 weeks, and then, ACK we're on to weekly until Pierce makes his grand arrival!!

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