Tuesday, April 24, 2012

It was a busy weekend!

Our weekend was busy.  Sunday at least.
Sunday morning we woke up, and since it was BEAUTIFUL, we went out and finished what will be the garden plot.  The only thing left now is to till and mix in the soils and manure, and plant!  My back was KILLING me after all that bending over to pick up the clumps of grass J loosened with the pick-axe.  But, it's finished!!  Yay!  I did as much as I possibly could without hurting myself or Pierce.
J's birthday is tomorrow, but since everyone works Wednesdays AND he goes on-call for work tomorrow we decided to have his family dinner/party Sunday.  His dad made chili, suited me just fine I didn't have to cook a thing!  lol.  We filled up on chili and cake, he opened gifts, and for some reason I didn't snap the first picture.  Why?  I think Pierce is eating my brain.
After a few hours with that side of the family, we had been invited earlier in the week to his Uncle's fiance's house for dinner with his Uncle and future Aunt.  They're not much older than me, so it's really odd for me to call them Aunt and Uncle.  I mean, she is maybe 4 years older than me, and he's about 8 years older than me.  So, yeah, really odd for me.  We went and had a wonderful time, just the four of us with out any other family around.  You know the family members you get along with really well, just hit it off with, but it's hard to get time with just them?  That's who his future Aunt and Uncle are.
They're getting married in July, J is going to be a groomsman, which means I can't just show up in any old maternity dress.  So, any suggestions, send them my way!  It'll be July in North Alabama, and I think it would be highly inappropriate to show up at an art museum wedding, 7 months pregnant, in a bikini with a water mister to keep cool.  But, I've certainly thought about it!  HAHAHA.
Sunday consisted of eating!  Chili, birthday cake, baked ziti, and chocolate bundt cake.  I was STUFFED!  So stuffed I didn't want food until around 3pm Monday!  And for a preggo, that's saying something!

I'm dealing with pregnancy congestion, it's just lovely, along with what I suspect is a sinus infection coming up. After J and I ran a few errands yesterday, I came home and crashed with a sinus headache only to be woken up by the dog going berserk!!  Ugh.  I love him, but not when he does that and wakes me!
I didn't really take very many pics, and what I did I'm saving for Fur Baby Friday!  lol

Ya'll have a great day! 


  1. Hope you start feeling better!

    1. Thank you! Just dealing with the congestion, lol. Really, if that's my biggest complaint for the whole time I'm going to count my lucky stars!