Thursday, April 19, 2012

My Free-Stuff-I-Need train

I know I usually post weekly updates on Thursdays, but seeing as nothing has changed other than learning that Baby is a BOY whose name will be Pierce Avery, and my belly is pretty much the same only a little rounder at the bottom...I thought I would skip today.  I'm 20 weeks, and happy to have reached the mid point.

I opened the mailbox to find my monthly FREE subscription of BabyTalk, only this month I got a duplicate.  So, I brought it to work and gave it to another pregnant lady who's 9weeks behind me.  Now, she and I don't usually talk, at all.  I blame typical girl issues, but I extended the olive branch and offered her this extra copy I have.  She gladly took it and that started a whole conversation.  Nice.  Cool.  I like being nice to folks.

I flipped through my copy and in the back was the advertisements.  I read FREE BABY CARRIER PROMO CODE.  Well, what the heck, I'll check this out.  Sure enough, it works, I just had to pay $12 shipping.  I thought this one was pretty, without being girlie:

Seven Slings
After I paid for shipping on that, I get another promo code for a free car seat cover.  What?  You're kidding me.  Awesome!  All over it.  So, I go looking.  Sure enough, just pay shipping, so I picked this one:
Got that, again paid shipping and was lead to ANOTHER promo code for a free nursing cover.  Really?  Pinch me, is this real?  I never get the free finds!  Seriously?!  Ok, so I check that out.  Picked out a nursing cover...
Sadly, that was the end of my free stuff train.  My texts to J went a little something like this:

Me: I'm getting a FREE baby sling!!!
J: How? (always the skeptic lol)
Me: Ad in this magazine
Then I go on to tell him that one led to the other, "Heck yes!  He'll need a car seat cover for winter!"
J: WOW (he just makes me happy saying things lol, I enjoy him acting impressed)
Me: Aren't you impressed?!
J: Yep (see...he knows it makes me happy, he just obliges lol)
Me: And now I'm getting a free nursing cover! OMG I'm on a roll!! I need to slow down, I do have to pay shipping, lol
J: Yeah!

Finally after telling him that I got $132 in free product just by paying 3 shipping costs of $12 each, I had to tell him that my free stuff train just stopped.  I got the obligatory LOL.
Ha, husbands


  1. Free stuff is the best!!! and it sure saved you a lot of money!

    1. Oh yeah, can't be beat!! I'm all about it!