Friday, April 6, 2012

A special fur baby friday

Meet my brother's family, Daniel (bubby) his wife Geneva and their precious babes Rayleigh and Brayden
My brother is active duty Navy and has been deployed 3 times, and thankfully the good Lord has sent him home unscathed each time!

You guys have seen them on Fur Baby Friday before: here
And I begged for prayers for their biggest Fur Baby, Brutis here

So, I'm turning my blog over to Geneva for the day!!  Enjoy:

So today is Fur baby Friday and Amanda has given me the privilege or writing about my baby Brutis!  I normally do not write so bare with me!

I got Brutis when he was 7 weeks old.  Of course the runt of the litter.  He ran and jumped in my lap and refused to move.  So you guessed it he was mine and I was his!  He picked me! From this day on he stole my heart!  On the way to MS from KY he rode in the back.  He was so quiet I had almost forgotten he was back there.  I start to hear the rustling of a bag. (which was the food I had bought and opened for him to try!)  So I look in the rear view mirror only to see a blue merel butt and tail in the air peeking out or the top of the bag. Lol So I had to pull over and hide the food b/c butter ball continued to go to town.  He had already figured out how to make me laugh and steal my heart!

I don’t think that Brutis and I realized how much we would need each other over the next few years.  He started helping me from the day I got him!  Daniel my husband was deployed to Iraq so I started to lean on Brutis b/c he was all I had!  At this time it was Brutis and I against the world!  From 2007 to 2011 he has been my best friend and hero.  During this time period he helped me survive 3 deployments, 2 pregnancies, and the death of my father!  Two of the deployments my husband went on were war zones.  I would often hear a voice over a loud speaker saying,”Incoming Incoming Incoming!”  Which meant that Daniel and his fellow brothers and sisters were being attack with rockets.  He would have to hang up really quick and I wouldn’t hear from him for and hour or so…  So naturally I feared for his life and would cry and be so upset!  Brutis was always there to console me and would often make me laugh.  Like one time during one of those phone calls he jumped up on the bed trying to lift my spirits, he over shot his jump and he fell off the bed!  Well I knew he was ok and found if funny I just laughed and laughed repeating the look on his face! Lol  He on the other hand tucked his tail, ran to the corner of the room, faced his butt to me and huffed and puffed b/c I laughed at him.  
During this time I fell in a deep depression b/c of my fathers unexpected death.  I started getting better slowly but surely with the help of Brutis!  This poor guy had his work cut out with me!  I ended up having my son before I was completely over the depression and ended up with postpartum depression too.  Exactly 1 month and 1 week after delivering my son my husband left for Afghanistan.  I tried pulling myself out of my depression but I couldn’t do it alone. Brutis and my kids pulled me through…  Rayleigh and brutis would play together.  Brutis was so patient with them almost as if he were saying no worries mom I will watch them I know you aren’t feeling the best.  Like always he made me realize things could be worse and with love, and patience’s  we made it through.

So here we are 2012 and he is still one of the loves of my life, best friend, and hero.  Without him I would have been lost and still fighting to get out of that hole I had dug myself! I often make the joke, “If my husband made me pick between him or Brutis, I would pick Brutis b/c he never leaves me!” =)  He was here before I had kids.  We would play hide and seek and he would hide in my dirty clothes and jump out at me and tag me like, I got ya mom! He is the most amazing animal and one of the best things that have ever happened to me!

So when we were recently (like 3 days ago) faced with losing him due to a condition called bloat I was determined to keep him by my side b/c in my eyes our journey was not over yet!  I started realizing that I started taking Brutis for granted and that I had been selfish!  It was always me me me.  I knew then and there I had to do something to make him realized how much I loved him and how sorry I was… So I prayed and prayed that he would be ok… The vet gave us an estimate of 2100.00 for surgery and meds and all that jazz.  We couldn’t afford it.  So we got approved for a Care Credit card and of course swiped it. We had no clue how we were going to pay it off in the first 6 months before the 27% interest was tacked on.  I didn’t care I just knew I couldn’t live without him!  So when I left him that morning at 3 am I thought and thought and thought about ways to come up with this money to pay for my best friend!  I soon realized with all of our money going to the military move I couldn’t do it alone!  So I started selling my Scentsy again in hopes that I could reach out to others and get the help I needed to pay back my best friend brutis for the number of times he saved me!  I couldn’t and can’t give up b/c he would never give up on me.  If I were the dog and he were the human he would have put aside his pride to ask for help too!  
He is my best friend and has taught me the most valuable lesson anyone could have taught me and that is to NEVER turn your back on your friend or take them for granted b/c we aren’t guarenteed to live forever! We still aren't out of the woods and the vet bill is still raking up but I talk to him, pet him, and kiss him everyday! I tell him I love him and thank him for hanging on and forgiving me for being so selfish.  So take a moment to love on your pet and let them know how thankful you are for them and what they do!  You might not have tomorrow, I almost didn't have my tomorrow...   

recovering on the couch
And now a few just for fun!

He's a silly silly boy
So, I'm selling Scentsy, if you love Scentsy, buy a bar, any little bit will help.  All of my earnings are going to Brutis's medical bills.
Any order, no matter how big or small, is deeply appreciated
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  1. Oh, my goodness. I love him. He looks like such a good dog.

  2. Oh my goodness, our first Fur Baby Friday guest poster, how fun is that. As someone with a pet with a chronic condition I know how hard it is to have that struggle about vet bills, but I did the same thing, they are our best friends and they would do anything for us. I would love to help by getting some scentsy. Let me ask my husband this morning and I'll be back!!

  3. What a sweet Fur Baby!! Try not to get overwhelmed with all the bills, but just take it one day at a time. Hang in there!!!!