Thursday, April 26, 2012

Fur Baby Friday!!

Sully's favorite post of the week!!

Thanks to instagram, I take far too many pics of Sullivan

He'd rather be with Daddy than Mommie

But, when Daddy's gone, curling up on Mommie and Pierce will do

It got cold, so I bundled him

That didn't last long...

I covered him while he was shivering at 2am, when I got up to potty at 530, he was still here.  HA

taking his position on Daddy, his favorite nightly spot!
I'm thinking next week I'll go "retro" with some old pics of Sulls.  Sadly, since he's nearly 9 and digital cameras were WAY too expensive in that day, I don't have pics of him as a teeny pup.


  1. Isn't no wonder you snap so many pics of him. He's flipping adorable!!!

    1. And he knows it! lol Gets away with anything. Thank God he's well behaved!