Friday, April 27, 2012

One Year Ago

I've written about the events of April 27, 2011 before.  But, here we are, one year later.  Sadly, there are still reports of people displaced even now.  Fresh construction is bittersweet.

Words escape me.  They really do.  I'm proud of the community I live in, my coworkers (remember, I'm in law enforcement, patrol dispatch), and the other law enforcement agencies in this area and from ALL OVER the country...everyone banded together, searched through rubble to find injured or dead.  Restaurants, grocery stores came out in droves to make sure all of the first responders had food, water, hygiene items.   We were WELL taken care of.  They knew that not only were the citizens of our community without power, and most of us with out hot water, the responders/dispatchers were without too.  While we didn't get any hot water, we were supplied with plenty bottled water, snacks, fresh cooked food.  Our Sheriff made sure we ate!!

A year later, we're a tighter knit group.  A year later, we're more respectful of the weather.  We've even had another tornado event, not nearly the scope of last year, but it still was devastating.  Hit some of the same places that had JUST rebuilt.  Our department is stronger, our community is stronger, our state is stronger.

Stop by my bff/coworker's blog and read her One Year Ago post...very well written.  

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