Friday, April 27, 2012

One Year Ago

I've written about the events of April 27, 2011 before.  But, here we are, one year later.  Sadly, there are still reports of people displaced even now.  Fresh construction is bittersweet.

Words escape me.  They really do.  I'm proud of the community I live in, my coworkers (remember, I'm in law enforcement, patrol dispatch), and the other law enforcement agencies in this area and from ALL OVER the country...everyone banded together, searched through rubble to find injured or dead.  Restaurants, grocery stores came out in droves to make sure all of the first responders had food, water, hygiene items.   We were WELL taken care of.  They knew that not only were the citizens of our community without power, and most of us with out hot water, the responders/dispatchers were without too.  While we didn't get any hot water, we were supplied with plenty bottled water, snacks, fresh cooked food.  Our Sheriff made sure we ate!!

A year later, we're a tighter knit group.  A year later, we're more respectful of the weather.  We've even had another tornado event, not nearly the scope of last year, but it still was devastating.  Hit some of the same places that had JUST rebuilt.  Our department is stronger, our community is stronger, our state is stronger.

Stop by my bff/coworker's blog and read her One Year Ago post...very well written.  

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Fur Baby Friday!!

Sully's favorite post of the week!!

Thanks to instagram, I take far too many pics of Sullivan

He'd rather be with Daddy than Mommie

But, when Daddy's gone, curling up on Mommie and Pierce will do

It got cold, so I bundled him

That didn't last long...

I covered him while he was shivering at 2am, when I got up to potty at 530, he was still here.  HA

taking his position on Daddy, his favorite nightly spot!
I'm thinking next week I'll go "retro" with some old pics of Sulls.  Sadly, since he's nearly 9 and digital cameras were WAY too expensive in that day, I don't have pics of him as a teeny pup.

21 Weeks! It's starting to FLY!

21 Weeks!
19 to go, oh dear! lol

I swear he grew overnight last night
How far along are you? 
21 Weeks

Total weight gain: 
5 pounds too much per the

How big is baby?:
The size of a spaghetti squash!  And one pound!!  Wowzas, Pierce!
That's pretty dang big/source
Maternity clothes: 
Always...except for my pajamas...that's usually worth a giggle or two the past few weeks.  My belly pokes out from under the shirt unless I steal J's Army tshirts that are forever long for some reason

Stretch marks?:  
None, yet.  
Still applying Palmers religiously

Seems to be getting restless, I'm wondering if Pierce is moving around and that wakes me.  But, I sleep so soundly that I don't feel it

Best moment this week?:
Pierce moving around, he feels like a frog hopping around in my stomach!

Ha, I only get still enough for him to move when I'm at work, J says I never sit still any other time lol.  
I feel him for about 1-2 hours every afternoon at work

Food cravings?:
Popcicles!  At least I'm eating sugar free lol
and sweet sweet seedless watermelon!  YUM!

Food aversions?:
Not too bad, kind of depends on the day

Labor signs?: 
NO!  Stay put Baby!

Belly button in or out?: 
In...not sure if I think it will or won't pop

What I miss: 
bending over lol

What I'm looking forward to: 
Making our registries!

What I'm not looking forward to: 
Summer, I'm already hot and it's only gotten to 85

Knowing Baby is a BOY, and knowing his name.
He has an identity!

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Happy Birthday J!

Happy birthday to my amazing husband!
J is an amazing man, and I'm so very lucky to call him MINE! 

He loves me with all of his heart, and that shines through in all of his actions
I couldn't ask for a better man in my life, 
a more supportive man
a better best friend

I could sing his praises all day 
Instead, I'll post my favorite pictures of him from our almost 2 years together
yes, we had a whirlwind romance
met, started dating, moved in together 4 days later
got engaged not quite 3 months later
married less than 2 months after that!

December will be our 2 year anniversary
and I look forward to a million more anniversaries!
One of our first pics together, How I landed him with THAT hair I don't know

About a month later
Cold Christmas shopping, pre-engagement I think

I liked that sweater that year apparently! More shopping

Right after getting married, in December/January, North Alabama has CRAZY winter weather

Februaryish? He'll kill me for this one, but he was going to walk the dog and it was COLD

Beautiful spring day! 

Another he may kill me for, but I love his sillies

The day before he left for boot camp, we went on a paddle boat ride

Sullivan "helps" Dad work out

See, he puts up with a lot of goofiness

Right after boot camp

HA, my failed attempt at a flat top...turned into this HA

LOVE him.
Of course I have a zillion more pics but I won't add them


Tuesday, April 24, 2012

It was a busy weekend!

Our weekend was busy.  Sunday at least.
Sunday morning we woke up, and since it was BEAUTIFUL, we went out and finished what will be the garden plot.  The only thing left now is to till and mix in the soils and manure, and plant!  My back was KILLING me after all that bending over to pick up the clumps of grass J loosened with the pick-axe.  But, it's finished!!  Yay!  I did as much as I possibly could without hurting myself or Pierce.
J's birthday is tomorrow, but since everyone works Wednesdays AND he goes on-call for work tomorrow we decided to have his family dinner/party Sunday.  His dad made chili, suited me just fine I didn't have to cook a thing!  lol.  We filled up on chili and cake, he opened gifts, and for some reason I didn't snap the first picture.  Why?  I think Pierce is eating my brain.
After a few hours with that side of the family, we had been invited earlier in the week to his Uncle's fiance's house for dinner with his Uncle and future Aunt.  They're not much older than me, so it's really odd for me to call them Aunt and Uncle.  I mean, she is maybe 4 years older than me, and he's about 8 years older than me.  So, yeah, really odd for me.  We went and had a wonderful time, just the four of us with out any other family around.  You know the family members you get along with really well, just hit it off with, but it's hard to get time with just them?  That's who his future Aunt and Uncle are.
They're getting married in July, J is going to be a groomsman, which means I can't just show up in any old maternity dress.  So, any suggestions, send them my way!  It'll be July in North Alabama, and I think it would be highly inappropriate to show up at an art museum wedding, 7 months pregnant, in a bikini with a water mister to keep cool.  But, I've certainly thought about it!  HAHAHA.
Sunday consisted of eating!  Chili, birthday cake, baked ziti, and chocolate bundt cake.  I was STUFFED!  So stuffed I didn't want food until around 3pm Monday!  And for a preggo, that's saying something!

I'm dealing with pregnancy congestion, it's just lovely, along with what I suspect is a sinus infection coming up. After J and I ran a few errands yesterday, I came home and crashed with a sinus headache only to be woken up by the dog going berserk!!  Ugh.  I love him, but not when he does that and wakes me!
I didn't really take very many pics, and what I did I'm saving for Fur Baby Friday!  lol

Ya'll have a great day! 

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Bad Blogger

I'm a bad blogger.  I've been so stinking tired lately, and CRANKY, that I haven't wanted to write nor have I had anything to really write about.
So, sorry.  lol

Pierce has started moving a bit more, I feel him at least once a day now instead of every few days.  So that's exciting.  J is so ready to be able to feel his movements too.  I understand it'll be a few more weeks still.

Oh, and I thought I'd share this:
I'm starting to see noticeable differences week to week.  Heck, day to day to ME, I'm sure not to anyone else.

I also flipped through some pictures that I recently had printed.  Pictures from September.  I thought I needed to lose weight then...hahaha.

Now, to get back to this after Pierce is born!!  lol  Because I'm thinking I looked pretty dang good!

J, his father, sister-in-law, and I started on our backyard garden this morning.  The guys did most of the work, Samantha had Amelia to tend to, and well, let's face it, I can't do a whole lot.  I did help pick up the clumps of grass as they were loosened from the ground.  J and I will be back at it tomorrow to finish the initial work.  Then, I'm at a loss as to how much I can do to help until it's planting time.
I really want this garden to work, I would love to know that we grew Pierce's food that I make.  I'm making his food, whether or not I grow it or buy it frozen/organic fresh.  Have you ever smelled jarred baby food?  Much less tasted it?!  GROSS.  It doesn't even come close to the same taste as what we eat as adults.  Why would I want to feed my baby something I won't touch?!  This is a concept a lot of people don't seem to understand.  And, I've been asked how I plan to work and make food.  It won't be that difficult.  I'll dedicate a day off to making food, and I don't plan on it taking ALL day long to do it.  Also, J can learn!  LOL.  He's really excited about that part.

So, here's hoping Pierce's garden takes off!!

Thursday, April 19, 2012

My Free-Stuff-I-Need train

I know I usually post weekly updates on Thursdays, but seeing as nothing has changed other than learning that Baby is a BOY whose name will be Pierce Avery, and my belly is pretty much the same only a little rounder at the bottom...I thought I would skip today.  I'm 20 weeks, and happy to have reached the mid point.

I opened the mailbox to find my monthly FREE subscription of BabyTalk, only this month I got a duplicate.  So, I brought it to work and gave it to another pregnant lady who's 9weeks behind me.  Now, she and I don't usually talk, at all.  I blame typical girl issues, but I extended the olive branch and offered her this extra copy I have.  She gladly took it and that started a whole conversation.  Nice.  Cool.  I like being nice to folks.

I flipped through my copy and in the back was the advertisements.  I read FREE BABY CARRIER PROMO CODE.  Well, what the heck, I'll check this out.  Sure enough, it works, I just had to pay $12 shipping.  I thought this one was pretty, without being girlie:

Seven Slings
After I paid for shipping on that, I get another promo code for a free car seat cover.  What?  You're kidding me.  Awesome!  All over it.  So, I go looking.  Sure enough, just pay shipping, so I picked this one:
Got that, again paid shipping and was lead to ANOTHER promo code for a free nursing cover.  Really?  Pinch me, is this real?  I never get the free finds!  Seriously?!  Ok, so I check that out.  Picked out a nursing cover...
Sadly, that was the end of my free stuff train.  My texts to J went a little something like this:

Me: I'm getting a FREE baby sling!!!
J: How? (always the skeptic lol)
Me: Ad in this magazine
Then I go on to tell him that one led to the other, "Heck yes!  He'll need a car seat cover for winter!"
J: WOW (he just makes me happy saying things lol, I enjoy him acting impressed)
Me: Aren't you impressed?!
J: Yep (see...he knows it makes me happy, he just obliges lol)
Me: And now I'm getting a free nursing cover! OMG I'm on a roll!! I need to slow down, I do have to pay shipping, lol
J: Yeah!

Finally after telling him that I got $132 in free product just by paying 3 shipping costs of $12 each, I had to tell him that my free stuff train just stopped.  I got the obligatory LOL.
Ha, husbands

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Crazy lady shopping..

The crazy lady shopping has started.  Only, because I'm cheap and like to make a dollar stretch as far as possible, we've been bargain shopping!
I found a great consignment shop that's new in town.  The shop is huge, clean, doesn't get better than that!
J and I went yesterday evening and found this:

Tommy Hilfiger overalls, Gymboree polo body suit, black turtleneck onesie, Old Navy thermal onesie...STILL WITH TAGS ON! A pack of NEVER OPENED newborn onsies, a Chaps button up, and a Carter's shirt with TAGS STILL ON that read $20 retail
We got all of it for less than $30 with tax!

Then, on my lunch break today, we went to the mall
Our Dillards is turning into an outlet store, and is 50-65% off everything.  Right now there's an abundance of winter clothes, which we'll need because Pierce will be 3 months in December.  It doesn't always get ice cold in Alabama in December, but sometimes it really does.  So, we are getting prepared:

A navy blue (pic does it no justice) peacoat with matching mittens and hat!  Regularly $25, we got it for $8.24
Since they had so much winter stuff, we found cute Christmas stuff.  We're not BIG on the idea of dressing him in all kinds of cutie-patootie stuff, so this was right up my alley.  The onesie under the bib just has a screenprinted chest pocket that says Santa's Helper and has some candy canes sticking out.  So, festive and cute, without being ridiculous!

Again, this 4 piece set is normally $25, we got it for $8!
$50 worth of clothing, for under $20 with taxes.  
He's going to be one styling little guy and it'll look like we spent a ton of money on his clothes, but we won't!  I just don't see the sense in spending TONS of money on kids clothes that they'll grow out of, especially baby clothes.  Not at the rate babies grow!!

We're still waiting on some winter clearance we ordered from Monday night as soon as we found out that Baby is Pierce!

Monday, April 16, 2012

Well, we went to the doctor...

Ya'll don't want to know what we found out do you?  Nah?  Not at all....ok, have a good night.


Just kidding....

Baby is a very healthy, measuring 4 days ahead of schedule, lazy baby
He was NOT shy
The tech asked if we wanted to know the sex of Baby, of course we said yes.
He did not hide anything!  He stayed like this the whole time.  He doesn't move much lol, I might feel him every few days, just a little kick here or flip there.  And we found out why today!  He stays curled up in a ball, knees to his chest, hands on either side of his face.  He moves his feet a little, but that's it.  He's not much of a wiggle worm, and hey, I'll take that as long as I can!!

And here are 2 of his little profile.  I asked for profile pictures, and he was so curled up it was hard to get them! She worked and worked and was finally able to get good profile pictures at the end.

We're really excited.
J was pretty true to form, showed no excitement at all until we left the office...and then he was grinning ear to ear!!

So, now it's a waiting game until September to meet Pierce Avery!

Friday, April 13, 2012


My favorite link up...usually my only link up lol

As I've told ya'll, I'm currently addicted to Instagram!  So most of what you'll see is Instagram!

But, before that I'll tell ya'll Sullivan's newest "trick"
Monday J and I went out to get my pedicure and spend some time together.  When we got back home, Sully was waiting at the front door for us.  And I don't mean INSIDE the front door...I mean AT the front door ON the front porch!!  
We've seen him do this once before, and we knew we had left him in the fence.  Gate secure, no real holes that we knew of.
Well, Dennis the Menace here found the TINIEST place to squeeze his little self out of the fence!  Thank GOODNESS he always runs to the door, waiting to be let in!!
I caught him just after the act the other morning.  J had gotten up and wandered into the kitchen where I was, windows open, Sully must have heard his daddy's voice because I saw a streak of grey and white, opened the back door and there sat this face:

The little Menace

Enjoying a ride

Good Morning Dad!  I've been waiting for you to get out of bed!

On our walk Monday

After our walk

He was freezing one night...NunSully!

You can't resist that adorable face!

He goes out in the yard and sunbathes, he won't move until he's BAKED!

I love his wittle mouth, he's adorable!