Wednesday, September 26, 2012

6 Weeks old! **edited**

I had to come back and edit this post!  I wrote this Sunday, scheduled to be posted Wednesday and never got around to editing again.

Pierce is 6 weeks old...and as of Monday I was half way through my maternity leave.  I'm loving being home with him all the time, but unfortunately our current financial situation dictates that I must return to work.  Hopefully in the next few years, that can change.  We're working hard toward that goal.

Pierce last went to the doctor Friday, September 21.  He is 21 3/4" long, and 8 pounds 4 ounces.  That's a gain of 1 pound 3 ounces since his last appointment 15 days prior!  He's also as long as I was when I was born, but still 4 ounces lighter than I was lol.
Born: 7lb 3oz
Left hospital (20 days): 6lb 14oz
First Dr appt (3 weeks): 7lb 1oz
Second Dr appt (5wks 2 days): 8lb 4oz
  • Still wearing newborn clothes, though some brands of sleepers are too short...nothing is too tight, he's still a string bean!
  • Still wearing size 1 diapers
  • Eating 4 oz/120ml every 3-4 hours, still nursing 2-3 times a day mostly at night or first thing in the morning
  • Loving his swing...but only on what his daddy calls "warp speed", maybe Pierce isn't an adrenaline junkie baby already lol.
  • Will sleep in his swing, in our room, but not in his cradle.  At all.  Hates it.
  • Put him down for his first nap in his crib on Sunday morning.  He so easily wakes up when we put him in his cradle for bedtime, but he's slept really well in his crib (so far, at the time I typed this he's been napping for 25 minutes, any other time he's lasted less than 2 minutes) **He napped Sunday for almost 2 hours, and until last night (Thursday) he wouldn't sleep in it again.  Lasted 5 minutes before he woke up screaming and wouldn't stop screaming.  Last night, he slept in his crib with out making a peep from around 1am-330am before waking up to nurse.  I was so tired that I didn't want to sit there to get him back to sleep in his crib, so back in the swing he went. Slept in his swing from 4ish-745am. Hey, if he sleeps, I don't really care where it is!
  • Not minding bath time, as long as he is mostly submerged in the water.  The whole bath sling in the sink bit?  HATED IT.  Put the bath sling in the baby tub, happy boy!
  • HATE getting out of the tub to get dried off, lotioned, and dressed
  • Still hates changing clothes

(Again, a lot of this is for my memories...and friends and family because you guys are amazing support and you love him so much!)
Friday, at the doctor, Pierce had to have another heel stick to draw blood.  Apparently his first PKU test came back with the likelihood of him having low T4 (thyroid, the MASTER hormone that controls EVERYTHING in your body...aka hypothyroidism).  We're waiting on the lab results from that.  Should he have hypothyroidism, he shouldn't have any problems from it since we're catching it so early.  He will, however, have to take thyroid meds for the rest of his life.  Infants diagnosed with hypothyroidism almost always have what's called Congenital Hypothyroidism, meaning born with the problem and won't "grow out of it".  If you're interested in a decent read, click the link I posted in the parentheses.  Hopefully, I'll be able to edit this post, before it publishes, with the lab results.
**Yeah, I didn't get to edit before it published lol.
Lab results came back, Pierce's thyroid levels are PERFECT!  What a relief!!

And, since I originally published with out pictures:

bathtime!!  He looks happy, huh?  lol

Any mommie-to-be, get this whale thing! You keep it wet with  the warm bath water and it keeps Pierce calm and warm!

Peeking out from under his Monkey hooded towel

Hanging out with Daddy


  1. 6 weeks already? WOW. I feel like he was just born. I bet you guys do to.

    Good thing they were able to test and catch it so early.

  2. OMGGGG!!!! Look at him! he's so stinkin cute! We registered for the Whale Cozy!!!!

    1. Make sure you get it!! It's a bathtime life saver!!

  3. I'm glad I got you something you're getting good use out of! Those things are awesome. You can get other designs. I'm pretty sure our old one is a frog. He almost looks mischievous peeking out from under his monkey towel. So cute!