Wednesday, September 19, 2012

5 week old big boy!

Decided to start doing weekly posts, for myself & family mostly, but hopefully you guys enjoy them too!

Pierce is 5 weeks old!

I guess that each of these milestones happened at technically 4 weeks!

Pierce, by 5 weeks you are:

  • holding your head up for longer times, I'm excited I got it on camera!
  • Moving your head from side to side while holding it up
  • Not wanting to be swaddled as much, not sure if it's because you're too hot, or it's just not comfortable any more.  You started, around 3.5 weeks, wanting your right arm out of the swaddle.  It's progressed to both arms, and last night, you just wouldn't sleep swaddled.
  • Smiling, some people think baby smiles are gas...but not these smiles!  Your eyes sparkle and crinkle, your mouth shape is different than the "gas smile".  I finally caught this on camera!!!
  • Drinking 4 ounces of Mommie's Milk every 3 hours during the day, and you sleep about 5 hours between eating at night.
  • Loving your swing when you're tired, same with your bouncy seat 
  • Following objects by moving your head, not just your eyes
  • Still hating getting changed, dressed, anything that has you naked...
  • Scream all the way through bath time, and bedtime lotion time
  • Still wearing newborn sized clothes.  Only one set of footie pjs are starting to get too short, but nothing is too tight lol.  You're long and slender
  • wearing size 1 diapers, probably the only reason for that is because the hospital doesn't keep newborn size and just folds down the fronts.  So, that's what we do too.  Daddy said he tried to not fold your diaper, but, "It looked like a burlap sack on his butt"

first smile caught on camera! 9/18/2012, looking at Daddy


  1. I am in love with those baby feet. PRECIOUS!

    1. I know!! I DIE! I'm going to get those blown up and framed!!

  2. Such a precious little smile! He is getting so big! Oh cool that you caught him holding his head up on camera. When we have kids I swear I'm going to be carrying a camera around everywhere.

    1. I knew that he would do it, so I had my good DSLR on and waiting. Sure enough...I got it! I was determined!