Sunday, September 9, 2012

Pierce is a strong little boy!!

My parents came yesterday, Daddy just left because he has to work...but Mommie is staying all week!  So, don't expect much from me this week!
Just dropping in to share some photos...You guys prayed for this little guy, along with us, so I figure y'all deserve to see what your prayers have done!!

Pierce's big development?  3 weeks and 5 days (today) and he held his head up, while on my shoulder, for a solid 2 minutes.
He sleeps and eats so well...loving having him HOME

Pierce on the left, J on the right at 2-3 months old...twinsies anyone?!

First official tummy time

Loving the all-boy clothes!  Love the stinking adorable shoes too!

Hands up above his head, sound asleep

He wiggles, and writhes, until his hat covers his eyes

My Dad, aka Poppi, napping on the couch with Pierce

Napping after breakfast

More tummy time

Daddy love!!

3 weeks 5 days old, and holding his head up like this for a solid 2 minutes...
pay no mind to my make-upless face!  Look at my adorable, strong son!

Chatting during his tummy time...


  1. Oh he is so precious!! I'm jealous. I would like to hold OUR little nugget =)