Saturday, September 15, 2012

Pierce is 1/12 of a year old!

I can't believe Pierce is one month old.  
20 days in the NICU
We've had him home and been a full-time family, I've been a full-time Mommie, for 11 days.

This week Pierce has become more alert, when he's awake he stays awake a little longer.
I can tell his eye sight is clearing up, he is seeing things more clearly.
Loving the activity bar on his bouncer seat

Pierce eats and sleeps on a very good 3-4 hour schedule.
He left the hospital eating 90ml/3oz every 4 hours, we quickly had to increase him to 100ml every 4 hours as he started to get hungry at 2-2.5 hours. 
Now he's eating 110ml every 3-4, and we're having to experiment with 120ml.

Pierce and I are working on nursing.  He nurses well, but it could be better.
I have to admit, bottle feeding is easier and faster!
But, I make sure we nurse once a day, at the end of the day to  make him more tired before bed.
I pump every 3-5 hours through the day, depending on what's going on.
Our fridge and freezer look like I'm trying to start a business lol 

Pierce is a great eater, doesn't care if he's eating from breast or bottle.
He loves his bottles, and so do I!  Pierce is a gulper!  He gulps and gulps!
Thankfully, he is also a good burper!

Pierce is also trying SO hard to hold his head up, when we hold him up on our shoulders or when he's on his tummy in the Boppy.  He's such a strong strong boy!
Also, he is "babbling", he grunts, coos, and makes other 1 month old baby noises!
He will chat and chat, it's funny!

He smiles, and I don't mean "gas" smile
He actually smiles out of true, honest contentment.  You can see it in his eyes.  It's beautiful

Pierce left the hospital weighing 6 pounds 14.9 ounces 19.75" (Sept 4)
But, the doctor's office the next day said he was 7 pounds 1 ounce 21.5" long (Sept 5)
We take him back next Friday, I'm hoping he's almost 8 pounds.  He's just so tiny!  But, we're starting to see his baby double-chin starting to fill in, his arms and legs aren't quite as tiny.

Pierce is the smallest baby born on my mother's side, at least smallest seen by my grandmother.
He's also really darn small compared to J and his brother's birth weights.
J was also born at 37 weeks, also spent about 3 weeks in the NICU, and was seen by at least one of the same doctors that took care of Pierce.
Oh, and to make this circle more complete, Pierce's primary care physician is also the same physician J has had all his life...and who saw J in the NICU because he was doing rotations during med school...
Pierce is trying to just be his daddy
I'm in trouble.

Products I recommend at this point:
Medella Pump in Style Advance, it's really easy to use, convenient
Tommee Tippee bottles are great!!  Only 3 parts, 4 if you count the cap.  The nipple is vented and he really doesn't swallow much least not much more than he would no matter what.

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