Thursday, September 6, 2012

2 days at home...and we're still alive

We're still alive here.
Pierce came home Tuesday, after 20 days in the NICU.  Yesterday was his first full day home and it was an adventure for Mommie!  Pierce had his first doctor appointment yesterday at 12:45, Daddy had class from 11:30-2:20...meaning Mommie and Pierce were on their own!!  Oh dear.
I think I apologized to Pierce several times...just because neither of us knew what we were doing and he seemed to be looking at me as if to ask, "Mom, what are we supposed to be doing?  This seems pretty scatterbrained"  Poor Sully was crossing his paws, dancing at the door.  I tried to use a sling I got while pregnant, figuring that if it fit well at 18 weeks, surely it'll fit now.
There's a BIG difference in pregnant 18 week boobies, and breast feeding 3 weeks post pregnancy boobies.  Sling didn't work, at all.  I tried, Pierce would have suffocated, guaranteed.  I don't think babies are supposed to have their heads smashed up with their knees and hips lol.  It wasn't that bad, but it was bad and I knew he wasn't in it properly.  Anyone want a sling?  ha!
So, I just threw Pierce up on my shoulder and off we went to take Sully potty.
Got back in, realized I needed to get ready to leave.  Looking at the diaper bag, trying to plan out what we might need...
Diapers, duh Amanda!  Diapers, check
Change of clothes in case there is an accident.  Check
Bottle, because his appointment landed in the middle of his lunch times.  Check
Burp cloth.  Check
Stuck him in his car seat, and off we went.
Got to the first red light, remembered it was 12:15 and I hadn't eaten a single thing all day.  Ran through Pierce's first drive through, he didn't request anything lol.  So far, so good, but we're only 10 minutes into this adventure.  I was pacing myself, patting myself on the back for each successful 5 minutes!
Pierce slept the whole way, slept through getting in the lobby and waiting room.  Got sat down, and the hunger scream!  I'm quite intolerant of parents who let their baby/child disturb a room, especially if there's something that can be done about it.  Scrambled to get his bottle out, thanking him for liking room temperature bottles.
Hands full with bottle and baby, and of course they call his name to come back.  Isn't that just the way it works?  Thankfully, 2 nurses came out and one took his car seat and my drink (Sonic ice water...because the ice is amazing!), the other took his diaper bag.  Off we went.
Pierce was born 7 pounds 3 ounces 19" long.  During the course of his IV fluids he got all the way up to a very puffy 7lb 11oz, dropped back to his birth weight, left the hospital at 6lb 14.0oz and 19.75" long.  Obviously the doctor's scales are different, said he weighs 7lb 1oz and 21" long.
Pierce was diagnosed "Normal", and a "skinny 7 pounder!"  I couldn't be happier to hear my child deemed normal!  After all we've been through with him in the NICU, normal was perfect!
By the time we were done with all of that, it was time to get Daddy from school.  Sound asleep, Pierce waited well for his Daddy.  Then, back home we went to stay the rest of the day.
We planned on going to Walmart to exchange diapers and pacifiers for the type he likes better.  Being able to take shifts and nap took precedence over Walmart!

My mother-in-law has been wonderful, came over the first night he was home, brought Subway and did laundry.  Last night she brought Chic-fil-a and didn't come in because Pierce had barely slept all day and was finally asleep in my arms.
Pierce was off of his NICU schedule of eating and sleeping in a 4 hour pattern.  Finally, about 8 he took his bottle and I got excited that maybe he was on schedule again.  I was right!  Only, he wouldn't really sleep.  He ate, and usually after eating he'll go to sleep.  I had let J sleep and had Mommie duty for several hours, so J took over Daddy duty and I was able to wash bottles, pump, SHOWER (oh sweet shower), and relax.  I slept about an hour and woke up to Pierce screaming.  Found Daddy in the nursery changing our little King Mud Butt (his little nickname...whew he poops a lot!).  King Mud Butt does NOT like diaper changes, or clothing changes.  Screams the whole time!
But, Daddy had fed him, changed him, and Mommie and Daddy both were able to get him in his cradle and he went to sleep.  So Mommie was able to go back to sleep too!  We slept midnight-2, ate changed, back to sleep for both of us at 3, slept till he woke up hungry at 7.  Ate, pumped, changed a muddy diaper, and since Daddy has class again, and was up late doing school work, I took Pierce and swaddled him up and as soon as he fell asleep in my arms, stuck him in his bouncer where he's been sleeping for nearly 2 hours.

I'd say we're doing well!!  Enjoy a few pics

Mommie figured out: GO TO THE BATHROOM AS SOON AS YOU WALK IN THE DOOR while he's still sleeping and confined lol

Paci must be better if you smash it in your face

Skeptical baby doesn't want a clothing change

Bless you!!
He was so cute in this outfit, too bad he only wore it for 3 hours before he wet it!

First time in his crib, but only for long enough for me to pick up a few things in his nursery

Gnome baby, deep in thought

Laying on the floor together during Daddy's time to sleep, Mommie praying he would sleep...
you see he chattered and didn't sleep!

This morning, silly boy hides his face

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