Wednesday, September 26, 2012

6 Weeks old! **edited**

I had to come back and edit this post!  I wrote this Sunday, scheduled to be posted Wednesday and never got around to editing again.

Pierce is 6 weeks old...and as of Monday I was half way through my maternity leave.  I'm loving being home with him all the time, but unfortunately our current financial situation dictates that I must return to work.  Hopefully in the next few years, that can change.  We're working hard toward that goal.

Pierce last went to the doctor Friday, September 21.  He is 21 3/4" long, and 8 pounds 4 ounces.  That's a gain of 1 pound 3 ounces since his last appointment 15 days prior!  He's also as long as I was when I was born, but still 4 ounces lighter than I was lol.
Born: 7lb 3oz
Left hospital (20 days): 6lb 14oz
First Dr appt (3 weeks): 7lb 1oz
Second Dr appt (5wks 2 days): 8lb 4oz
  • Still wearing newborn clothes, though some brands of sleepers are too short...nothing is too tight, he's still a string bean!
  • Still wearing size 1 diapers
  • Eating 4 oz/120ml every 3-4 hours, still nursing 2-3 times a day mostly at night or first thing in the morning
  • Loving his swing...but only on what his daddy calls "warp speed", maybe Pierce isn't an adrenaline junkie baby already lol.
  • Will sleep in his swing, in our room, but not in his cradle.  At all.  Hates it.
  • Put him down for his first nap in his crib on Sunday morning.  He so easily wakes up when we put him in his cradle for bedtime, but he's slept really well in his crib (so far, at the time I typed this he's been napping for 25 minutes, any other time he's lasted less than 2 minutes) **He napped Sunday for almost 2 hours, and until last night (Thursday) he wouldn't sleep in it again.  Lasted 5 minutes before he woke up screaming and wouldn't stop screaming.  Last night, he slept in his crib with out making a peep from around 1am-330am before waking up to nurse.  I was so tired that I didn't want to sit there to get him back to sleep in his crib, so back in the swing he went. Slept in his swing from 4ish-745am. Hey, if he sleeps, I don't really care where it is!
  • Not minding bath time, as long as he is mostly submerged in the water.  The whole bath sling in the sink bit?  HATED IT.  Put the bath sling in the baby tub, happy boy!
  • HATE getting out of the tub to get dried off, lotioned, and dressed
  • Still hates changing clothes

(Again, a lot of this is for my memories...and friends and family because you guys are amazing support and you love him so much!)
Friday, at the doctor, Pierce had to have another heel stick to draw blood.  Apparently his first PKU test came back with the likelihood of him having low T4 (thyroid, the MASTER hormone that controls EVERYTHING in your body...aka hypothyroidism).  We're waiting on the lab results from that.  Should he have hypothyroidism, he shouldn't have any problems from it since we're catching it so early.  He will, however, have to take thyroid meds for the rest of his life.  Infants diagnosed with hypothyroidism almost always have what's called Congenital Hypothyroidism, meaning born with the problem and won't "grow out of it".  If you're interested in a decent read, click the link I posted in the parentheses.  Hopefully, I'll be able to edit this post, before it publishes, with the lab results.
**Yeah, I didn't get to edit before it published lol.
Lab results came back, Pierce's thyroid levels are PERFECT!  What a relief!!

And, since I originally published with out pictures:

bathtime!!  He looks happy, huh?  lol

Any mommie-to-be, get this whale thing! You keep it wet with  the warm bath water and it keeps Pierce calm and warm!

Peeking out from under his Monkey hooded towel

Hanging out with Daddy

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

5 week old big boy!

Decided to start doing weekly posts, for myself & family mostly, but hopefully you guys enjoy them too!

Pierce is 5 weeks old!

I guess that each of these milestones happened at technically 4 weeks!

Pierce, by 5 weeks you are:

  • holding your head up for longer times, I'm excited I got it on camera!
  • Moving your head from side to side while holding it up
  • Not wanting to be swaddled as much, not sure if it's because you're too hot, or it's just not comfortable any more.  You started, around 3.5 weeks, wanting your right arm out of the swaddle.  It's progressed to both arms, and last night, you just wouldn't sleep swaddled.
  • Smiling, some people think baby smiles are gas...but not these smiles!  Your eyes sparkle and crinkle, your mouth shape is different than the "gas smile".  I finally caught this on camera!!!
  • Drinking 4 ounces of Mommie's Milk every 3 hours during the day, and you sleep about 5 hours between eating at night.
  • Loving your swing when you're tired, same with your bouncy seat 
  • Following objects by moving your head, not just your eyes
  • Still hating getting changed, dressed, anything that has you naked...
  • Scream all the way through bath time, and bedtime lotion time
  • Still wearing newborn sized clothes.  Only one set of footie pjs are starting to get too short, but nothing is too tight lol.  You're long and slender
  • wearing size 1 diapers, probably the only reason for that is because the hospital doesn't keep newborn size and just folds down the fronts.  So, that's what we do too.  Daddy said he tried to not fold your diaper, but, "It looked like a burlap sack on his butt"

first smile caught on camera! 9/18/2012, looking at Daddy

Sunday, September 16, 2012

I never understood

I have a confession...
I never understood how a woman could be a Stay At Home Mother to an infant and complain about being tired, or not having time to shower, put on make up, make herself look decent.
I confess...I believed that stereotype that SAHM were just lazy...I mean babies sleep most of the time, right?

Now...that I'm a mother at home on maternity leave, and J is working and going to school (full-time for both), I'm a temporary SAHM.
Holy crap.
I'm doing all I can to stay on top of remembering when I last fed Pierce, to make sure he isn't going over his 5 hour time limit.  Which, let's face it, doesn't happen lol.  Only time he even comes close to hitting that 5 hour mark is at night when he's in a deep deep sleep.
I fight to keep my head above water on the gets folded, but that's where it stops.  Never gets put away.
I try to pump every 3 hours, but I usually only get to pump every 4.  I'm starting to have a bit of a supply problem with one side, I'll get about 80ml on one side and only 30 on the other. add to what I'm trying to stay on top of, I've decided to try to nurse Pierce several times through out the day to increase my supply.  Especially since little man is starting to eat more.  How this tiny fella' can eat 4 ounces every 3ish hours is beyond me.
Waking up every 4-5 hours at night wears on you eventually.  I was able to sleep from 1am-430am, fed and changed Pierce, slept again from 5ish-10am.  I couldn't have asked for more sleep from a month old baby, right?  It was awesome, but still wears you out.  He sleeps like that every night, it's great.
Keeping the kitchen clean hasn't been that hard though, Pierce's bottles and my pump parts need washing at least once a day, so our dirty dishes all get taken care of then.
And, how in the world does one forget to eat?!  Yup, I forget to eat most days; that is, until my stomach starts to eat my spine!!

I have only been able to shower today when J was about to leave for work.  I jumped in the shower and took a really quick shower.  I pretty much stay in my pjs, it's just more comfortable, and easier to nurse/pump when you're not fully dressed.

I stopped tonight (scheduling this post) and realized what all I had done in the few hours since J left for work (about 3 hours)...
Washed clothes
Folded the clothes
nursed Pierce
Cleaned the kitchen
Watched The Blindside
Made dinner for us (J comes home on his lunch breaks)

Pretty sure that's all.
No dang wonder SAHMs don't always look their best!!  I feel like I should go to any SAHM I've ever judged for looking less than fabulous and apologize!  But, we all know that won't happen because, well...that would be just plain weird.  So, um...I'm sorry? lol

little man gets very Mama-cuddly

Saturday, September 15, 2012

Pierce is 1/12 of a year old!

I can't believe Pierce is one month old.  
20 days in the NICU
We've had him home and been a full-time family, I've been a full-time Mommie, for 11 days.

This week Pierce has become more alert, when he's awake he stays awake a little longer.
I can tell his eye sight is clearing up, he is seeing things more clearly.
Loving the activity bar on his bouncer seat

Pierce eats and sleeps on a very good 3-4 hour schedule.
He left the hospital eating 90ml/3oz every 4 hours, we quickly had to increase him to 100ml every 4 hours as he started to get hungry at 2-2.5 hours. 
Now he's eating 110ml every 3-4, and we're having to experiment with 120ml.

Pierce and I are working on nursing.  He nurses well, but it could be better.
I have to admit, bottle feeding is easier and faster!
But, I make sure we nurse once a day, at the end of the day to  make him more tired before bed.
I pump every 3-5 hours through the day, depending on what's going on.
Our fridge and freezer look like I'm trying to start a business lol 

Pierce is a great eater, doesn't care if he's eating from breast or bottle.
He loves his bottles, and so do I!  Pierce is a gulper!  He gulps and gulps!
Thankfully, he is also a good burper!

Pierce is also trying SO hard to hold his head up, when we hold him up on our shoulders or when he's on his tummy in the Boppy.  He's such a strong strong boy!
Also, he is "babbling", he grunts, coos, and makes other 1 month old baby noises!
He will chat and chat, it's funny!

He smiles, and I don't mean "gas" smile
He actually smiles out of true, honest contentment.  You can see it in his eyes.  It's beautiful

Pierce left the hospital weighing 6 pounds 14.9 ounces 19.75" (Sept 4)
But, the doctor's office the next day said he was 7 pounds 1 ounce 21.5" long (Sept 5)
We take him back next Friday, I'm hoping he's almost 8 pounds.  He's just so tiny!  But, we're starting to see his baby double-chin starting to fill in, his arms and legs aren't quite as tiny.

Pierce is the smallest baby born on my mother's side, at least smallest seen by my grandmother.
He's also really darn small compared to J and his brother's birth weights.
J was also born at 37 weeks, also spent about 3 weeks in the NICU, and was seen by at least one of the same doctors that took care of Pierce.
Oh, and to make this circle more complete, Pierce's primary care physician is also the same physician J has had all his life...and who saw J in the NICU because he was doing rotations during med school...
Pierce is trying to just be his daddy
I'm in trouble.

Products I recommend at this point:
Medella Pump in Style Advance, it's really easy to use, convenient
Tommee Tippee bottles are great!!  Only 3 parts, 4 if you count the cap.  The nipple is vented and he really doesn't swallow much least not much more than he would no matter what.

Sunday, September 9, 2012

Pierce is a strong little boy!!

My parents came yesterday, Daddy just left because he has to work...but Mommie is staying all week!  So, don't expect much from me this week!
Just dropping in to share some photos...You guys prayed for this little guy, along with us, so I figure y'all deserve to see what your prayers have done!!

Pierce's big development?  3 weeks and 5 days (today) and he held his head up, while on my shoulder, for a solid 2 minutes.
He sleeps and eats so well...loving having him HOME

Pierce on the left, J on the right at 2-3 months old...twinsies anyone?!

First official tummy time

Loving the all-boy clothes!  Love the stinking adorable shoes too!

Hands up above his head, sound asleep

He wiggles, and writhes, until his hat covers his eyes

My Dad, aka Poppi, napping on the couch with Pierce

Napping after breakfast

More tummy time

Daddy love!!

3 weeks 5 days old, and holding his head up like this for a solid 2 minutes...
pay no mind to my make-upless face!  Look at my adorable, strong son!

Chatting during his tummy time...

Thursday, September 6, 2012

2 days at home...and we're still alive

We're still alive here.
Pierce came home Tuesday, after 20 days in the NICU.  Yesterday was his first full day home and it was an adventure for Mommie!  Pierce had his first doctor appointment yesterday at 12:45, Daddy had class from 11:30-2:20...meaning Mommie and Pierce were on their own!!  Oh dear.
I think I apologized to Pierce several times...just because neither of us knew what we were doing and he seemed to be looking at me as if to ask, "Mom, what are we supposed to be doing?  This seems pretty scatterbrained"  Poor Sully was crossing his paws, dancing at the door.  I tried to use a sling I got while pregnant, figuring that if it fit well at 18 weeks, surely it'll fit now.
There's a BIG difference in pregnant 18 week boobies, and breast feeding 3 weeks post pregnancy boobies.  Sling didn't work, at all.  I tried, Pierce would have suffocated, guaranteed.  I don't think babies are supposed to have their heads smashed up with their knees and hips lol.  It wasn't that bad, but it was bad and I knew he wasn't in it properly.  Anyone want a sling?  ha!
So, I just threw Pierce up on my shoulder and off we went to take Sully potty.
Got back in, realized I needed to get ready to leave.  Looking at the diaper bag, trying to plan out what we might need...
Diapers, duh Amanda!  Diapers, check
Change of clothes in case there is an accident.  Check
Bottle, because his appointment landed in the middle of his lunch times.  Check
Burp cloth.  Check
Stuck him in his car seat, and off we went.
Got to the first red light, remembered it was 12:15 and I hadn't eaten a single thing all day.  Ran through Pierce's first drive through, he didn't request anything lol.  So far, so good, but we're only 10 minutes into this adventure.  I was pacing myself, patting myself on the back for each successful 5 minutes!
Pierce slept the whole way, slept through getting in the lobby and waiting room.  Got sat down, and the hunger scream!  I'm quite intolerant of parents who let their baby/child disturb a room, especially if there's something that can be done about it.  Scrambled to get his bottle out, thanking him for liking room temperature bottles.
Hands full with bottle and baby, and of course they call his name to come back.  Isn't that just the way it works?  Thankfully, 2 nurses came out and one took his car seat and my drink (Sonic ice water...because the ice is amazing!), the other took his diaper bag.  Off we went.
Pierce was born 7 pounds 3 ounces 19" long.  During the course of his IV fluids he got all the way up to a very puffy 7lb 11oz, dropped back to his birth weight, left the hospital at 6lb 14.0oz and 19.75" long.  Obviously the doctor's scales are different, said he weighs 7lb 1oz and 21" long.
Pierce was diagnosed "Normal", and a "skinny 7 pounder!"  I couldn't be happier to hear my child deemed normal!  After all we've been through with him in the NICU, normal was perfect!
By the time we were done with all of that, it was time to get Daddy from school.  Sound asleep, Pierce waited well for his Daddy.  Then, back home we went to stay the rest of the day.
We planned on going to Walmart to exchange diapers and pacifiers for the type he likes better.  Being able to take shifts and nap took precedence over Walmart!

My mother-in-law has been wonderful, came over the first night he was home, brought Subway and did laundry.  Last night she brought Chic-fil-a and didn't come in because Pierce had barely slept all day and was finally asleep in my arms.
Pierce was off of his NICU schedule of eating and sleeping in a 4 hour pattern.  Finally, about 8 he took his bottle and I got excited that maybe he was on schedule again.  I was right!  Only, he wouldn't really sleep.  He ate, and usually after eating he'll go to sleep.  I had let J sleep and had Mommie duty for several hours, so J took over Daddy duty and I was able to wash bottles, pump, SHOWER (oh sweet shower), and relax.  I slept about an hour and woke up to Pierce screaming.  Found Daddy in the nursery changing our little King Mud Butt (his little nickname...whew he poops a lot!).  King Mud Butt does NOT like diaper changes, or clothing changes.  Screams the whole time!
But, Daddy had fed him, changed him, and Mommie and Daddy both were able to get him in his cradle and he went to sleep.  So Mommie was able to go back to sleep too!  We slept midnight-2, ate changed, back to sleep for both of us at 3, slept till he woke up hungry at 7.  Ate, pumped, changed a muddy diaper, and since Daddy has class again, and was up late doing school work, I took Pierce and swaddled him up and as soon as he fell asleep in my arms, stuck him in his bouncer where he's been sleeping for nearly 2 hours.

I'd say we're doing well!!  Enjoy a few pics

Mommie figured out: GO TO THE BATHROOM AS SOON AS YOU WALK IN THE DOOR while he's still sleeping and confined lol

Paci must be better if you smash it in your face

Skeptical baby doesn't want a clothing change

Bless you!!
He was so cute in this outfit, too bad he only wore it for 3 hours before he wet it!

First time in his crib, but only for long enough for me to pick up a few things in his nursery

Gnome baby, deep in thought

Laying on the floor together during Daddy's time to sleep, Mommie praying he would sleep...
you see he chattered and didn't sleep!

This morning, silly boy hides his face

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Pierce is HOME!!

I got to the hospital yesterday morning and was told, "We're kicking him out!"


So, we've started our full time parenting adventure...sleepy adventure!!

I'm currently trying to update with one here are a few pics, I'll post more later

enjoying the heater after his last hospital bath

on our way home!!! 

enjoying his swing

sound asleep on the floor

sleeping with his seahorse

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

A quick update, mostly pictures

Pierce is still in the NICU, they moved him to progressive today and are still just monitoring him.  Just waiting on the doctors to think he's doing well enough to send him home.  Please, keep praying!

He's still just as adorable as EVER, enjoy:

Found him like this the other day...he is so silly

5 more minutes, please Mom!
He did not want to wake up!

Happy after his bottle

stretching out as long as he could

eating just poops him out

He sleeps with his hands up under his chin

scooched himself up, pulling his clothes down...silly boy