Monday, July 9, 2012

Phone Photo Fun Monday

Since I don't typically blog on Mondays...because I don't typically work on Mondays.  So, I'm excited to actually join in with one of my favorite bloggers Ashlee.

at Old Navy trying to find a dress...cute on the hanger...NOT so cute ON.
Husband's assessment?
"You look like a zebra cake"
The dress I ended up with...Not sure about the faces I made

The baby got cold

Deciding on what I think about a dress I was given...not my usual style

So I sent pics to J and my bff
I got mixed reviews

I have the sweetest husband.  Works 6pm-6am, still gets off work and goes to Walmart to get me  a surprise

Sunshine Boy...110 out lately, and this is what he wants to do until he's panting

Seat of my Pants Lasagna
recipe?  Um...


  1. I love the dresses! You look adorable in them and the faces you make seal the deal!

    1. HAHA, thanks. I make faces like that a lot in daily life lol

  2. Aww! I think you look great!

  3. I love that black dress, so flattering!
    Can't beat flowers, they melt my heart :)

    1. yeah, I didn't want anyone else to think Zebra Cake lol

  4. Thanks for your kind words.. you are too sweet. I love the teal dress! And the black Old Navy one. Adorable!!