Thursday, July 19, 2012

I've been MIA...but for a good reason!

I've been MIA for about 2 weeks.  Sorry!!  We moved a week ago tomorrow, into our new apartment.  It's really nice having our own space again.  For those of you who don't know, we moved in with J's grandmother on what was supposed to be a very temporary basis while he went through Army basic training and his schooling.  I was to live with her until he was finished and move to be with him.  Well, that idea came to a screeching halt when he was sent home from basic with a heart condition that turned into not one, but two heart conditions!  The Army said, "Thanks, but no thanks, here's your ticket home!"  So, we ended up living with his grandmother for a year.
There was nothing wrong with living with her.  We all got along well, didn't clash, it worked.  But, J & I are really independent people, like our own space.  Read: we like to come home and sit in our pjs...sometimes pjs just means tshirt and undies!  lol!  We were able to save a ton of money, get our budget right, J got settled into a good is good.
We didn't want to bring a screaming new born into her house either.  We desperately needed our own space.  It wasn't going to be right or fair to bring a baby home to her house.  So, we found a very well priced apartment, 2 bed 1 bath, literally 2 miles from work (we work in the same building) to make it that much more convenient for us with one car.  We were relieved to know we'd also be able to afford cable tv and internet!  Something we didn't have in our first apartment!!

So, Friday we started moving.  We found a very reasonably priced moving company, $100/hr for 2 men...however, they sent 3!  Whoot!  We moved all of our furniture to the garage, so it would all be centrally located, more quickly loaded on their truck.  2 hours, and it was moved from the house to the apartment.  So, really not bad at all!  We moved the boxes, and still have a few things to go get.  The odds and ends stuff, cleaning stuff too.  Sully is settled in, he protests occasionally about having to potty while on his leash, since the last year all we've had to do is open the back door and let him go in the yard!  But, with only one accident in the house, he's remembering apartment life!

The day before we moved was my birthday, I'm a year closer to 30!  Lol.  I worked, family celebrated my birthday the Sunday before, it was nice.
Can you tell I don't make much hoopla over my birthday?  lol

We also had a wedding to go to, J was a groomsman and looked SO handsome.  It was his Uncle's wedding, we love them dearly so it was an honor to be there.  Even if it was the day after 2 days of moving for this preggo, and I was puffy and tired, I wouldn't have missed it for the world!
I did, however, try to hide from any photographer that wanted to take pictures.  I think I made it into one group photo...of the VERY large extended family!  Maybe I'll be hard to pick out!!  lol
J and I now wish that we had let someone take our picture while I was in a dress (rare occurance!) and he was in a tux...yup.  Kicking ourselves now for running from the cameras!

Since Then, I've just been trying to recover.  I've hit The Wall.  The 33 week pregnant-this-isn't-fun-anymore wall.
Nothing I do helps the swelling much.  I really should probably watch my sodium intake more...I don't.  I don't add salt to anything, but that doesn't mean I don't eat much sodium.  I'm sure I eat a ton more than I think I do.

I'll be back to normal posting...I'm going to delay my 33 week update until tomorrow, I know I usually do them on Thursdays.
I'm sure I'm forgetting something...but my brain is fried! lol

Hope everyone is doing well!!


  1. I remembered the doula who taught our birthing class saying something about salt intake during pregnancy, but couldn't remember what it was so I asked her. This is what she responded with. I wasn't pregnant during the hot parts of the year with either of mine, but I didn't do anything to cut salt back either. Just thought you might want to look at the info for yourself and see what you think. Love you girl!

    "It is actually salt lack that can contribute to swelling & high blood pressure. This is a time for her to increase salt, water, and protein. Have her check out Wanted to add that I'm guessing she's somewhere it's really hot (since it's hot everywhere right now!), so fluid and salt replenishment are a must. She'll also want to elevate her feet when possible, wear loose-fitting shoes that she doesn't have to lace or bind in some way, and rotate her ankles in circles occasionally throughout the day. It's also important to avoid chair sitting, as this puts extra pressure on the backs of the legs and affects return circulation from the lower extremities. If she can switch to a birth ball, or sit forward towards the edge of the chair, or elevate her feet on a small stool or stack of books, that will help too."

    1. Awesome info! Thank you!! I have to sit for 8 hours a day at work, so I do keep a stool. I have to pee on the hour lol, so I get up to walk around a bit then. And, I live in Yellow Box flip flops!!