Saturday, July 21, 2012


I have known, for quite some time, a HUGE secret that one of the sweetest people in the world has been keeping!  You see, we've talked about her secret forever, for longer than it's been a secret...about how badly she wanted this to occur.  She's been a huge support and happy for me...and now she has her own news!!  AMANDA IS PREGNANT!! 
17 weeks to be exact!
This baby is SO very loved and SO very wanted and prayed for.  I couldn't be happier for her!!  I can't wait for her anatomy scan in 3 weeks to know if Pierce will have a little Yankee girlfriend or a Yankee friend!

Amanda had said that she didn't think she was showing...I think she looks amazing (I got a sneak peak on twitter...if you guys aren't following her, you missed the peak!)

Got me to thinking, I made a collage a few weeks ago of my 2nd trimester pics so I thought I'd share

Ya'll go congratulate Amanda!!

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