Saturday, July 7, 2012

Out of the mouth of Grandmothers

My dear grandmother is in her late 70s, is an honest to goodness Southern woman.  Fries food, goes to church 3 times a week, more if they have extra services, has her own garden, doesn't eat much fast food because you just don't do that when you can cook for yourself.  When I think of Good Ol Southern Women, Granny comes to mind.  Always has, always will.
During our phone conversation today, somehow we got on the topic of how many children J & I should have.  I say one, J says 2...Granny says "at least 2"  Her reasoning for needing to have at least 2 children?

"If you lose one, you always have another.  If you just have one child, and you lose them, you ain't got nothing left"

Granted, sadly, she has some reason for this theory...She was pregnant 7 times, lost 2 at birth/shortly thereafter, my father was premie, and she lost one son when he was 19 and in a fatal car wreck.  So, she has 4 children now.  But still....WOW.

I text my mother this story, and she tells me, "I got the same speech.  Also I was told when I had my tubes tied that if something happened to your father and I remarried he would want his own children.  I said that he would have to take us as is.  I'd had my last child"
I giggled to myself about the fact that my younger brother is my "backup"...if you use Granny's theory LOL

This woman never ceases to amuse me with her thoughts, her theories.

She's battled cancer and won, she's battling it again, and is winning, again.  She's a strong woman.  Nothing knocks her down.
One of my favorite, gut busting laugh, stories she told me during her first rounds of tough chemotherapy:
"Amanda, I've lost all my hair...all of it.  Head hair, eyebrows, eye lashes...and not just head hair Amanda.  I lost my down-there-hair, too!"
Let me tell ya'll, the last thing you'll ever think about is your grandmother having down-there-hair.  Much less her losing it during chemo and it bothering her enough to tell you about it!!

I could go on and on about things she's said, theories she's had, stories I've heard...But that would take pages and pages.  She's hilarious!!

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  1. Sounds like an amazing woman!
    I gotta agree with her on the having at least 2 kids theory. I always wondered how people who lost their only child could ever muster up the strength to go on. It makes sense that if you had more than one you would have to go on for your other children. I think Granny's a smart one :)