Thursday, July 5, 2012

31 Weeks

31 Weeks
Um...we're in single digit weeks now?!

Ha, not sure what that face is about!
I woke up that morning and asked J, "Where did this belly come from?!"
How far along are you? 
31 Weeks

Total weight gain: 
I'm not loving it, but not too much I'm told

How big is baby?:
What to Expect  still says a head of lettuce, but changed the length and weight! (19" 3.9lbs...that's one HUGE head of lettuce).  Apparently, Pierce should start gaining half a pound a week from here on out!  Holy big baby!
Maternity clothes
always...the closer it gets to my due date the less I want to spend any more money on anything new

Stretch marks?:  
So far, only on my hiney
I've been applying Palmers Cocoa Butter religiously...hoping that helps matters

It really just depends.  I toss and turn best I can until I fall asleep, usually wake up an hour or two later to pee, then I'm back to sleep for quite a while usually

Best moment this week?:
Relaxing on my 4 day weekend.  I think Pierce needed it as much as I did!

J's getting to see and feel more of it, which is amazing to watch his reactions to his son's movement.  

Food cravings?:
nothing that I can think of, other than anything cold because of this heat!

Food aversions?:
Not too bad, kind of depends on the day, 
I've started not wanting meat on bueno considering that's protein and iron

Labor signs?: 
NO!  Just Braxton-Hicks every day since Monday.  No pain with them, I just notice that my stomach is hard as a ROCK!

Belly button in or out?: 
Still in, but it's either going to end up flat or out by the end of this 9 weeks!

What I miss: 
sleeping WELL, and not being tired all of the time and congested...
I'm constantly congested
I'm starting to miss my pre-pregnancy body and walking without a waddle!

What I'm looking forward to: 
Moving next weekend!!  I can't physically move anything, but moving into our own space, setting up our apartment, Pierce's nursery, I'm stoked!

What I'm not looking forward to: 
Labor...we've taken 2 of 4 childbirth classes...last class caused a bit of anxiety.  Seriously, J looked at me and asked if I was about to cry.  They were talking about all of the IVs and urinary caths (neither of those caused the anxiety, had too many surgeries in my lifetime to worry about those), epidurals, shots in my hoohaa area, episiotomies, and enemas...Yeah, I started to freak out.

J starting to see the movement!


  1. Eeep! You're getting so close!

  2. Your getting closer and closer!
    I'm 35 weeks and dialated to 2 already. I'm getting excited :)

    1. OH BOY! I don't want to go that quick! I'm way too much of a planner, and hope that the whole 1st child bit is true and he'll stay until very close to his due date!!