Saturday, May 26, 2012

Maybe I'm crazy...

I decided early in the pregnancy that I was going to breast feed and make my own baby food for Pierce.  Oddly, unexpectedly, I'm getting a lot of negative feedback with my choices.  A lot of unsolicited comments.  

"You know they make formula?" *Really?  I didn't know that?!  But, why buy formula if my body will produce the proper nutrition for my baby and continue to change to meet his nutritional needs?  Why spend the money?!    We'll buy a pump, so he can eat while I'm at work of course.  I'll store breast milk in the freezer in 1 ounce cubes so it'll be even that much more easy to measure.  This isn't rocket science people

"Breast feeding grosses me out" *Yeah, I understand.  I used to be grossed out too, until I did my research.  To each his own.  You want to give your child formula with chemicals, preservatives, and fillers...I want to let my child suck on my boob, or let a machine do it so I can feed him with a bottle.  Again, to each his own.
I'll be covered up when I feed him, it's not like I'll be whipping a boob out in the middle of a restaurant!  Plus, how convenient is it that we won't have to pack formula and bottles when we go out?  I just have to throw a nursing cover in his diaper bag and be done...boobies go with me everywhere!

"Grocery stores sell baby food, you know?" *Again, really?  I can answer that the same way I did the formula question.  You want to feed your child jarred food that has sat on a grocery shelf  for months, a year (have you seen the expiration dates on those things?) that has chemicals, preservatives, fillers, etc.  I want to stand in my kitchen, chop food, steam it and process it into the exact consistency my baby needs.  

"Isn't that going to take up all of your time?" *Not likely...sure it'll take a few hours a week, but I won't be making it one serving at a time.  I'll be making several servings at a time and freezing them for ease and convenience.  I will know the ingredients in my baby's food, every bite that goes in his mouth.  That's reassuring to me.  
Plus, I plan on teaching J how to make the food.  I'm not a single parent! 

Truly, my biggest hope for our little family with these plans is that we will all begin to make better choices with what goes into our mouths.  That we will start to eat more vegetables, more home cooked meals, more healthful choices.  I want to start Pierce off on the exact right foot.  If he chooses to be unhealthy, he'll have to make those choices as an adult.  
I was raised with home cooked meals on the table at least 6 out of 7 days a week.  We thought it was a HUGE treat to get a Happy Meal, or pizza.  It was a major deal for us to get soda at home, or candy.  We were allowed ice cream after we ate our dinner to my parents satisfaction. Sure, I thought this was pure torture and Gitmo treatment as a child, but as an adult, I really appreciate the foundation my parents set for us.  
Now, I know that if I'm unhappy with my body, it's MY fault.  Mine.  I could never blame my parents for my health.  I have that sense of pride and responsibility, my parents gave me that.  

My mom and I were talking about making baby food, she said she would have done it for my brother and I if they had the appliance she's getting me for Pierce: Baby Brezza.  In "the day" to make your own baby food you had to take several steps.  The Brezza combines all of that and cooks and processes it all in one container.  No need to do all kind of things just for a few ounces of food.  

I'm proud of the choices I've made, and I really hope that my body & Pierce allow me to breast feed.  However, I won't feel like a failure if I can't.  I understand there are things outside of my control.  

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  1. I am SO excited you're breastfeeding & making baby food! Really, it's not that hard. Some people are just lazy asses. You can tell them your friend Brandy said they can go fuck themselves. :P