Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Only complaint about my 3 day weekend....

It didn't last long enough!!  lol

I took of Saturday to go to my best friend's baby shower.  Ashley and I have been bff since we were 5 years old.  Met in kindergarten at one school, when that school (private school) shut down after our first year together, our parents could have sent us each to other schools.  Since we lived in totally different school zones, it was fate that put us in another private school in the same class 1st-6th grade.  Fate played a role in our lives again, when both of our fathers (who worked at the same car plant) were transferred.  Again, we could have each been transferred anywhere in the country.  We ended up in North Alabama.  In this area, there were a million different probabilities for our schools, cities, and even counties.  Somehow, some way, our parents bought houses in the same county, in the same school district.  We didn't get put in any of the same classes, but still saw each other and had the same group of friends.  We graduated high school together, and went on with our lives.  We have remained very close.  I love that girl!  She knows me better than anyone, until J came along lol.
So, our parents were NOT surprised when she got pregnant, and exactly 4 weeks later...here I am!  LOL.  To quote her mother on facebook: "Ashley and Amanda have done everything together since kindergarten. They are due one month apart. lol"  
Her shower was monster themed, and was SO cute!  (I didn't take any pics during the shower, shame on me...so I've taken these pics from Ashley's mother's facebook...)
Our high school friends were there, we all just fell into the same groove...after not being together in over 10 years.  It really was just a nice, refreshing break from my every day.  
Summer got the CUTEST cake ever for the shower...not to mention TASTIEST!  I may have eaten two pieces of cake!  lol
Ashley's sister, Shana, made this way too cute monster diaper cake:
And, Ashley's mother made these little guys...I may BEG her to make Pierce some:
My favorites are the one eyed-buck toothed guy, and the 3 eyed guy!

My one and only request from Ashley was that she and I get a picture together...because I'm still adamant about Pierce being an only child lol.  Who knows if we'll ever be pregnant together again, much less 4 weeks apart!!  

Both pregnant with boys, I'm carrying low, she's carrying high!
I went home and crashed the rest of that day!  It was a fun day!  Ashley now lives in Tennessee, and we've only seen each other one other time while we were pregnant...we both said something to the effect of: Wow, you're bigger than I expected!  LOL...but that's what happens when a)we last saw each other at 16 and 12 weeks and b)I wear a striped dress...haha

Sunday, J and I did a whole lot of nothing...just what I wanted!!  His family came over and we had cake (it was my weekend for YUMMY cake...).  J had to leave to go to work, and I just laid in bed and watched television all night.  It was wonderful!!

J and I lazed around yesterday too...wow, I sound SUPER lazy!  
We met my darling friend, Emily and her too cute son Nathan, for dinner at my favorite place.  I introduced her into the downward spiral that is my favorite plate of nachos!  Our evening entertainment was Nathan!  He is obsessed with super heroes, and this certain little man wouldn't eat his dinner.  He had proclaimed that he was Superman, so Emily says, "Superman needs to sit down and eat his dinner"  Nathan's perfectly timed come back, he's almost 3 so it was even more funny because of his age, "Superman doesn't like that"  It is SO hard not to laugh in that situation!  You certainly don't want to encourage the behavior, but oh my goodness, HILARIOUS!  
We left there and went to an ice cream shop, delish!  As soon as the sugar hit Nathan, he was booty dancing at the table.  There was no stifling that laughter.  He's the most adorable red head.  If Emily had posted pics on her blog or facebook of his ice cream face I would share.  TOO CUTE!

And, now it's back to reality...back to work.  Boo.  lol

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