Friday, May 4, 2012

Moving on!

Finally!  We are moving on with our lives!  We signed a lease today for our new apartment.  It has everything we need.  Fits in our budget, includes water (heck yeah!), and is CLOSE to work for both of us.  So close we can both go home on lunch breaks, which means less money spent on eating out because we can just make food at home!  PLUS, with us only having one car, less gas spent driving back and forth!  WHOO HOO!

We'll be moved in in time to get Pierce's nursery set up, and make the rest of the apartment our home.  It'll be nice to be settled in when he comes (we hope all goes to plan!!).

It's been really nice to live so near his family, and even though it was supposed to be a temporary situation while J was in boot camp, it turned into a more permanent one.  We'll be forever grateful for the gift we've been given.

So, soon enough, we'll start packing up again, thank fully 90% of it is still packed in storage!  We get to move in July!!  Now, to find a decently priced internet and cable provider...ugh!


  1. Yeah good luck with the decent priced internet and cable provider, I am not sure those exist LOL

  2. Hey chickie! I am saying nice things about you over on my blog today for Flaunt a Friend!

  3. we have our internet through verizon with the hot spot and we get 3 gbs which is more than enough for us and it does not cost us hardly anything, you can get more than 3 gb as well, just somthing to look into. glad to hear yall got a place within budget close to work.

    1. I'll check into a hot spot, can you watch tv shows and stuff on it without going over?