Tuesday, May 22, 2012

I was stoned...

Kidney stoned!  Let me tell you, I've never had a kidney stone before, and to get my first one at 6+ months pregnant...NO FUN!  So that's why I missed my 24 week update, and any other blog post since the beginning of last week.
I woke up Thursday with some back pain, figured I just slept wrong because let's face it, I'm pregnant and with that comes back pain!  Jumped in the shower and the pain just got worse.  Tried to lay down on the couch, feet elevated, again, worse.  I finally was in so much pain I called the Dr's office.  When they told me that my doc was out of the office until Monday and sent me to Labor and Delivery, I freaked out.  I was NOT ready to deliver, I was NOT ready to face this.  I was certainly not ready to have a premature baby, not 15 weeks premature especially!!  I went and woke up J, just as calmly as I could and off we went.
I was near tears in the car.  It seemed that every block we drove, more pain.  By the time we got to the hospital (we live out in the country, it was a LONG ride) I could barely walk.  I filled out my paperwork and sat down.  When the nurse got me and asked me my pain level on a scale of 0-10, 10 being the worst pain of your entire life, I said 9.
They hooked me up to all of the monitors, we could hear Pierce's heartbeat steadily thumping away at an average of 140 beats per minute.  That was a great relief.  Then we heard this crazy THUD, THUD, SWOOP, every few beats.  I could feel what it was, but of course J didn't know what it was.  I explained to him that it was Pierce kicking, punching, or swatting at the monitor lol.  He does NOT like anything putting pressure on my belly, even a little.
Once we knew that the back pain had nothing to do with Pierce, J and I sighed a huge sigh of relief.  When we knew that, I was given an IV and pain meds!  THANK YOU!  Stadoll is awesome lol.  J has several crazy stories of what I said during the 2 hours I was affected by the meds.  First thing, as soon as it hit me, I turned and looked at him, wide-eyed, and said, "I FEEL CRAZY!"  Apparently I told the ultrasound tech who was checking my kidneys and bladder, "Just a warning, I don't have any pants on, you might see my shiny white butt...but you probably see a lot of those"  Poor guy.  I told J that the lights in the ceiling looked like frog eyes staring at me.  I told J's aunt, and father, that I didn't want any visitors because...I had no pants.  Seeing a recurring theme?  His mother came to sit with us as I was getting off of my high, I also told her I had on no pants.  I do not like people visiting me when I have no pants on...even when I am covered in a blanket and in excruciating pain.
I don't remember much of Thursday night-Saturday night.  I would take my pain meds every 4 hours, but the pain came back between 2 and 3 hours.  I don't sleep when I'm on pain medication.  I get loopy and drowsy, but might drift off for about an hour.  So, I barely slept for almost 4 days.
Saturday night I was in an amazing amount of pain, so much pain that J wanted to take me back to the hospital.  I think that's when the kidney stone was moving.  The last pain I had was Sunday morning at 530, I was shaking and crying, took my pain meds and drifted off to sleep at some point.  I woke up, SHOCKED, at noon realizing I had a)slept that long b)was in no pain.  I was scared to get up!  But, I eventually did and just found that I was extremely sore.  Like a heavyweight boxer had used my right side as a punching bag.  I was exhausted all day Sunday, and sluggish on Monday.
I'm happy to report, for the most part, I've been pain free since Sunday morning and haven't had to take any meds.  I'm still sore, and will still get a muscle crampy feeling in my side from time to time.  But, I think that's from my tendency to tense the entire right side of my core while I was hurting.

The nurse told me she had had a kidney stone in the past, and has had 2 children...she said labor will be nothing.  Yay? lol

So, here's hoping I never have another kidney stone...and I wouldn't wish this on ANYONE, not even my worst enemy

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  1. wow! so glad you're feeling better. that's so scary!