Saturday, February 23, 2013

I have a smart mouth...

I know I'm lacking in my blog posts...but you really don't want any recaps of my day.  They would all read something like this:
Woke up today, Pierce jumped in his jumper while I had my coffee and Pop Tarts.
Pierce took his usual 45 minute first nap, and I kept sitting on my tail
When Pierce woke up, we played for several hours
Pierce took his hour second nap, and I did laundry
He woke up and had a fruit lunch and a bottle
We played
He took a short nap
We played
I cleaned the kitchen
We played
He took his evening nap
We played
I cooked
He ate his dinner
We played
He got a bath
We played
He nursed and went to bed
I had my beer
and went to bed
Exciting life I have, no?  
I really am thoroughly enjoying being a SAHM, I randomly tell J, "Thank you for allowing me to stay home"  I think it's very important that he hears my appreciation, because I'm sure I can gripe when Pierce has a fussy day and make it sound ungrateful.  But, I'm far from ungrateful to stay home with my prince

I made bread today (more on that in another post, it's yum and I want to share the EASY recipe I found), and remarked to J that I needed a bread slicer but I wasn't sure where to find them
"Look it up"
"Thanks for that suggestion, I never would have thought of it :P"
He called me an Asshat!!
Then this conversation ensued:

 But, he never knew who I should submit them to...
so, I submit them to BlogWorld lol

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