Saturday, February 16, 2013

Half of a year....

Wow, how is it that Pierce is already 6 months old??  I'm so very grateful to have been home for the past 6 weeks and get to see him grow, change, mature, learn.  This boy is amazing, and I love him more each day.

He's gotten behind on his appointments, so his 4 month appointment was really at 5 months 10 days!  That appointment was mid January, and his measurements were
Length: 27" 75-90th percentile
Weight: 17.5 pounds 50-75th percentile
Head circumference: 17.5" 75-90th percentile

I'm going to guess he's up to at least 19 pounds and 28"

Diapers: Size 3 Luvs
Clothes: 3-6, 6mo, and today he wore a 9mo outfit that was loose but not too big
PJs: Carter's 6mo sleepers
Shoes: haha, doesn't wear any

 His "6 month" appointment is late March, when he'll be 7.5 months old!  womp womp...oh well lol

 I had randomly taken a picture of Pierce, diaper only, next to Seahorse (we got really creative there huh?) on the day he turned 4 months old.  I have pictures of him with it from the time he came home, so it's amazing to line them all up and look at them.

same sheets was a happy accident!

you see it took several to get one I could use for comparison!

Pierce and I met 2 of my dear friends for lunch today at a Hibachi place.  I don't eat much Japanese and had forgotten that they light the grills on fire during their cooking "show", oooh Pierce's eyes nearly bugged out of his head when those flames went up.  I wish there was video of that, it was hilarious!

For about a month, he's been holding his own bottle fairly well, so while I got ready to go, I gave him his bottle and put him in the doorway of the bathroom

He hit a big milestone today...
Sitting like a big boy in a restaurant high chair
*yes, I put his high chair cover on...but I had to make sure he would sit in it first before I drug it out lol

My sweet sweet boy has started "kissing" and "hugging".  He's very affectionate when he gets sleepy, he opens his arms and will quite literally hug you.  He will also hug your face!  His "kisses" are him opening his mouth, and slobbering all over your cheek or chin...where ever he can get to really.  This has all started in the past week.  He also will lean his forehead onto your face, resting his head on your for just a moment as if to say, "hi, I love you"  
As far as we know, he's only shown this affection to J & I...and we LOOOVE it, of course!
sorry for the blurry picture, camera phone+poor lighting

Poor fella, passed out on my shoulder!

I have a hoodie problem, if you follow me on IG or are on my Facebook, you know these things lol.  If it's got a cute hood, it's going on my kid!  This is a dinosaur?  Alligator?  I dunno.  He has a blue monster, and another dino (I'm sure that's a dino, it has an actual picture of a dino! lol)

Other milestones:
tripod sitting (arms on the floor or his feet/legs for support) for up to 20 seconds...he'll be sitting alone soon
reaches for things outside of his immediate reach
passes objects from one hand to the other
can grab Pass and put it in his mouth, properly
(speaking of Pass, how is there only one picture with Pass in it?  He has Pass 24/7)
has had 2 teeth since before his 5 month birthday, and has been having troubles with about 4 top teeth...if not 6!  Swollen, achy gums, thank goodness for Hyland's Teething Tablets!
Sleeps 10 or 11pm-6 or 7am in his crib, comes to bed with us to nurse, sleeps until 9ish, nurses, and we finally nurse again and get up at 10-11.  Yup, I get to sleep pretty well.  Thank you, Pierce

One "milestone" I haven't been loving, for 8 consecutive nights he has woken himself at 2am.  First night I thought he was hungry...nope.  Nights 2-7 J or I rocked him back to sleep within minutes.  Night 8, I just gave him Pass and patted his back and he soothed himself back to sleep.  It's 223 right now, and I'm waiting on the wake up for Night 9....sssssshhhhhhhhh

Pierce has changed our lives, he is the light of my life and I can not describe what he very obviously means to J.  He is an angel, and his Daddy sure believes it!  J soaks up every second he can get with Pierce.  I love watching them together.  Those boys....

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