Friday, February 15, 2013

BOGO Canvases!! Don't miss it!

I ordered a few canvases in January, and have been informed by my loving husband that I'm done with canvases for a few months...considering we went from none to 4 in 2 months I can't much blame him.  However, I did get them ALL on great sales!  Can't beat a sale!!

Before I hung them
The top two are 8x10s from Easy Canvas.  I absolutely LOVE their quality!
I got them on a great BOGO offer, and I wanted to pass it on to ya'll!!  Canvases aren't cheap, at all, so if you're interested in any canvases this is THE sale to use!!

Buy one get one free canvases!

And, because I just saw this sale and wanted to share it, I only have a poorly lit cell phone picture of the finished arrangement on the wall but want to share it anyway!

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