Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Better late than never, right?

Our weekend was great! I realize it's Tuesday before this gets updated, but hey...

J, Pierce, Sully, & I packed up the car and headed out of town to my folks's house in Kentucky Friday evening after J's class.  I've never made the trip in the dark, and oh wow, that 2.5 hours drug on ssssoooooo long.  The only thing that breaks the monotony of dark interstate is Nashville, and if you know anything about the Nashville area you know that until you get to it there's nothing...and once you get through it, theres nothing.
We left home and it was a balmy 35 degrees.  As we got further north we watched the thermometer in the car drop lower, and lower.  I took a picture at one point, I think south of Nashville:
if you can't see it, that says 24 degrees at 8:21pm...for this Alabama lady, that's COLD
By the time we got to my parents house, it was about 20 degrees.  Ssssooooo ccoooollllldddd.  I am not a winter fan!
But, not to worry, we always keep Pierce all bundled up!
I say he loves his sunglasses...he at least doesn't seem to mind them at all
Those last two were taken the day before we left, I got my hair cut and he just sat in my lap the whole time, a perfect angel.  All the ladies in the salon couldn't get over how adorable he is, and just got a kick out of the sunglasses!

Pierce slept in his seat the whole ride to Kentucky, which was great!  Travelling with babies at night seems to be the trick!  It's dark, they can't see, what else will they do?!

Once we get to my parent's little town (outside Bowling Green) and get off of the highway we have NO cell service.  Zip.  Zero.  Nada.  And you know what?  It's awesome.  To get there and completely disconnect for the weekend?  Fabulous.
We tap in to the world when we go into Bowling Green on Saturdays (wow, we sound like a bunch of hillbillies come to town when I say it that way lol), so you guys that follow me on Instagram or Twitter got a glimpse of our fun.
Speaking of BG on Saturday, my mom, J, Pierce, and I went to the mall.  Daddy and Sully stayed home lol.
We didn't have room in our car to pack Pierce's stroller and all my parents had at their house was my niece, Rayleigh's, old umbrella stroller.  Yup, Pierce was pushed around the mall in a hot pink Disney Princess umbrella stroller!  Some how, I managed to NOT get a picture of this for blackmail in high school lol.  But, we did protect some of his manhood and put his blue blanket under him.  We got some really funny looks, laughs, and people just smiling at us for pushing him around in this hot pink stroller!  Never know what's going to happen at Nana and Popi's!  lol

We had a very nice weekend visiting.  It was great to get to see my parents interact with Pierce, they really don't get to see him much.  We'll see them again in March, but it will be at my grandmother's birthday party and most of my family will be meeting Pierce for the first time and my parents just wouldn't get any real time with him.  So it was really important to me for them to see him before March.
We woke up to snow on Sunday, for us Alabama folks, the 2 inches was a HUGE amount and we were honestly concerned we would get iced or snowed in.  Let's face it, we are NOT prepared for driving in that! We just don't get the practice here at home.

I did catch a few pictures of Pierce and my dad, Popi, before we left.  Pierce loves his Popi and his Nana.  Nana had him belly laughing, real laughter not just his choking sound he's been making for months now.  It was awesome to stand back and watch.

And, of course Pierce slept on the way home too....
Poor guy, fell asleep while it was still really overcast in Kentucky, so I didn't want to wake him to put his sunglasses on him...so I just covered his face lol.  Don't worry, he could breath, it wasn't touching him

And, because it's tooooo cute to not share, a picture from earlier in the week...
Yup...my little monster!  and yes, he's chewing his middle finger lol

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