Saturday, March 23, 2013

7 months??

How is it possible that Pierce is 7 months old?  I just can't believe it.  He is my heart's greatest joy, the best blessing the Lord could have ever given me.  I find myself thanking God, each time before I lay Pierce down, for all of the blessings in my life.  I'm truly blessed to have an amazing, supportive husband who doesn't mind that I stay in PJs all day (unless I leave the house of course), who allows me to stay home to take care of him and to care for Pierce.  It's truly a blessing that we were able to pay off our debts, that J makes enough for me to stay home.  So, I make sure to thank God, several times a day, for all of my blessings.

Sorry I've been MIA, I don't really have any real excuses other than busy being a mommy and wife.  I don't have much to say lol.

20 days (first night home) vs 7 months

Pierce turned 7 months on Friday 3/15, and had his 6 month check up on Wednesday 3/20.  We're a bit behind.

Weight: 20lb 4oz - 50-75th percentile...fairly average
Length: 28.5" - 91st percentile...freaking long
Head circumference: 18.5" - 97th percentile...HUGE noggin

Kid's got some brains I guess lol
I'm glad his length and head circumference are in basically the same percentiles.  Makes me feel a little better ;) lol 
He's perfect, big noggin and all

He got one shot in that fat little thigh, he cried for about 10 seconds, whimpered for about 20 seconds and it was all over.

The day he turned 7 months we went on a weekend trip to see my family for my grandmother's birthday.  Pierce had not met my aunt, and she was dying to meet him!  There was other family there that hadn't seen him since he was a wee little boy.  It was really nice.  
Pierce was a champion traveler, J says he's a better traveler than I am.  I would be better if someone gave me a chew kitty, rattle, and Pass to play with, and fed me the second I said I was hungry.  

The weekend was his first time to sleep in the pack and play, he did EXCELLENT.  Friday night I had to get up and rock him for about 10 minutes when he woke up at 2, but other than that, slept like a champ.

Sunday morning, he didn't want to wake up for church!  

Moved him from his playpen, he smiled at us, and nodded back off.  

sink baths rock!  Especially when they're the same color as your favorite food lol

Pierce still nurses to go to bed, he's in his crib between 1030 and midnight every night.  Just depends on how the day went and how long he takes to nurse...and how long I snuggle him after he's gone to sleep in my arms.
He wakes up any time between 5 and 7 typically, with 2 days this week playing a joke on me.  Monday after our trip he slept until 9am!  J had insisted we go to bed at 1 (I'm usually up until at least 2, typically 3), I got 8 solid hours of sleep?!  It was beautiful.  Tuesday he woke up at 8, cool, I can handle this trend, I'm liking this.  
Oh, but wait, Wednesday his appointment was at 830.  We had to leave by 8, so I just got up for the day at 6, Pierce woke up at 715, I had J snuggle him and give him a bottle in bed while I finished getting ready.  That must have thrown my luck of him sleeping.  Thursday morning, awake at 6, Friday morning, 5.  Let's just hope he doesn't decide to wake up at 4...aka in 3 hours.  

Pierce is still wearing size 3 Luvs, but will most definately have to move to 4s with the next pack.  He hasn't had an accident since he moved out of that new born stage and once this week he woke up from a nap screaming because he was wet...peed his bed, first time ever.  I picked him up today to find that he had peed himself while playing on the floor, thankfully he hadn't rolled off of his blanket.  

He is MOBILE, oh boy is he ever mobile.  2 weeks before our trip to my grandmother's he figured out how to roll back to front.  I was beginning to think he'd never figure it out.  Two days later he put it all together and has been a rolling pin ever since.  I can't leave him in the floor long enough to go tinkle.  The kid is everywhere!  I love it though
He sits totally unsupported, for minutes on end.  Playing with things, reaching, grabbing.

Even though Pierce is in the 90th percentiles for his length, he can still wear a lot of his 6 mo Carter's clothes, and the onesies are baggy from the waist down still, but fit perfectly in the arms and chest.  9 mo fits him, roomy, but fit.  The pants are some how quite long.  Overalls are a tricky thing, he must have 9 mo overalls or the snaps pop in the crotch.  

Pierce has 6 teeth!  He's cut the top 4 front teeth, they're all just finishing coming in completely, and he has his two bottom front teeth.  
He's gotten a nasty little habit this week of grinding his teeth, he grinds them so hard it gives us chills!  The only way we can stop it is to give him a Pass or a chewer and he goes to town on that.  I've read that it's just an exploration and that typically it stops after around 2's hoping.

Pierce loves food.  He gets a small fruit lunch, typically one ounce, and a bottle of pumped milk.  He LOVES granny smith apples, the first bites are hilarious because he always makes a sour face, but after that you can't shovel the spoonfuls in fast enough.  His new fruit this week was pears, he loves them too!  
I still make all of his food in the Baby Brezza.  Pierce currently eats: 
Butternut Squash
Green Beans
Sweet Peas
We're not too pushy with his food, he really loves everything but the beans and peas; and I think that's a texture issue.  The Brezza doesn't make them creamy like you can get in jars.  Out of curiosity I bought him a jar of organic peas and he gobbled it down, 2.5oz in less than 10 minutes.  So peas is definitely a texture thing.  
While I was making more apple, I held a slice for him to chew.  He quickly figured out bite, chew, swallow and ate about a quarter of the slice I gave him!  It was awesome.  He's no where near ready for that on a regular basis, but it was fun to play.  

So hard to believe we're on the downhill to one year!  Healthy boy, happy boy, loved boy!!


  1. Such a sweetie!

  2. What a cutie! I didn't know Pierce had gotten all four up top already. Good grief they're growing up too fast!

  3. OMG! 7 months!!! I seriously remember you being 7 months PREGNANT like it was yesterday! You're gonna have to text me some more details on the Baby Brezza!!! I'm considering making Sloan food {when he's on solids}