Tuesday, February 28, 2012

It's my Monday...

Yes, I know it's technically Tuesday, but since my work weekend is Sunday and Monday...today is my Monday.

We actually got up and went to church Sunday, I say actually because we haven't been since J started his new job.  It was nice to be there, it was great to make it to the First Sunday in Lent.  Being the first Sunday in Lent, our gospel and sermon was on Christ's being thrust into the wilderness after his baptism (forgive me, I forgot to grab the program out of the car so I could tell you the exact verses...if I remember, I'll edit and fix that lol).  He was alone, hungry, and tempted by the Devil for 40 days before coming out of the wilderness to be crucified.  The sermon was great, the priest talked about how so often we forget that God is right there, always.  We don't have to wait for a returned email, text, phone call, tweet.  He's always there, listening and guiding.
The priest talked about how we've all been through a personal wilderness.
I started crying.  In church.  Me.
This isn't normal behavior.  My poor husband.  He kept looking at me, almost terrified, asking what's wrong.  I just shook my head and laughed at him.
In the car after church, I told him that all I could think of during the sermon was how we had just started walking out of our own wilderness.  J and I went through a year of serious downs that could have ripped apart a brand new marriage.  He lost a job, what he thought was going to be a dream job...hindsight, that was a blessing in disguise!  He went into the Army, got sent home due to a heart issue.  Once we got him to a cardiologist here at home, we found out he has not one, but TWO congenital heart defects.  But, again, he's a blessed guy, he's virtually unaffected by these issues.  He finally landed a job, a decent paying one with good benefits and great off days, and we learned we were pregnant.  Our finances are taking a turn for the BETTER...life just really is looking up up up.
We're walking out of our wilderness...we are blessed.  I cried.  I still blame pregnancy hormones, but hey...I think I deserved to cry!

Sunday evening, I got really really uncomfortable.  No pain, just discomfort.  I can't wait much longer, and have to take my next off day and go maternity shopping!!  I walked around half of the day with my jeans unbuttoned and unzipped!
I stayed uncomfortable until yesterday, midday.  We got up and took a walk, soaked up the beautiful weather we've had here the past few days.  We took Sully with us on our walk, because he needed to be worn out...he was a crazydog yesterday!  Two miles did him good!!

I really enjoyed my relaxed day yesterday, I got out of pjs into running (now considered walking) clothes, and from there into a wonderful warm bath, and back into pjs!  Doesn't get much better than that for this preggo!!

And, I have a confession.  Just before writing this post, I opened a pack of skittles.  I'm slightly OCD with certain things, and Skittles is one of them.  They must be separated out by color/flavor, then eaten in a certain order.  Yellow, green, orange, red, and save the best for last...purple.  Yup.  This is why I don't eat Skittles much.  However, I noticed that while I was separating them out, I was gleefully humming to myself.  HA!
laugh all you want...I would if I weren't me lol


  1. Haha! your OCD w skittles is like my OCD w M&Ms...I only eat the same colors at once, like I'll eat 2 reds at a time but never a blue and a red...haha not like it makes sense at all because they both have the same ingredients, just a different colored shell!!! haha :) either way, i still love ya girl!

  2. Hey - new follower stopping in from Allie's Blog!

    *I'm going to breastfeed and pump, since I will be a working Mommie, best breastpump for daily use? no advise here - my milk never came in :(

    *I'm also going to make Baby's food instead of buy commercial babyfoods, can you guys share recipes? wholesomebabyfood.momtastic.com - seriously, the BEST website out there. I make all of our food and it is SO easy, and so cheap! our freezer is stocked and we mix various things to make mealtime interesting.

    *Do we get the 4D, or save the money? Insurance won't cover it, and as long as Baby shows "The Goods", I just don't see the need in spending the money. I know they're really neat and all...but really, we can buy something else for Baby with that $125. - our 3d/4d ultrasound was SO worth it! hubby was like you "that's money we can save"... until he went and saw the baby. it really got him excited about meeting our little guy 10 weeks later!

    *Do I really care anything about getting a Boppy? I see them, they're nifty, but really? we used ours a handful of times - but then again,I didn't breastfeed. Brycen slept in it during those first few weeks and he'll still snuggle up in it every once in a while.

    1. Thank you So much! That's great input!

  3. I sort my skittles the same way! Only reverse the purple and red haha. Red is best!!

    1. I could find purple then red an acceptable order...you're approved! LOL!!

  4. just read your post on allie's blog as i was pumping and had to give my 2 cents about the best pump. the medela pump in style advanced has been my bff for the past 11 months! luckily i have a job that encourages pumping, but this pump is worth the money. also, get the soft sided breast shields. i got them at the hospital when they gave me the handheld pump( as for 2) soooo much better than shoving your boobs in hard plastic 3-5 times a day! last bit of advice is to see if the lactation person at the hospital can help you get a pump. thats where i got mine and it was about 60 bucks cheaper than any retailer.

    good luck! ill be following!!