Friday, February 17, 2012


Linking up with the funny Mrs Monologues today for FUR BABY FRIDAY!

Because, what's better than the fur babies?
They are so amazing, they deserve a day in the spotlight!

So, the other afternoon I went in to wake up J (he works nights, remember)
the bedroom door had been open, and I walked in to find this:

Too cute.
Sully HATES it when I get up and leave J in the bed sleeping
He'll stay right next to me in the living room, but if I even so much as move Sully runs down the hall to the bedroom and sits by the door.
He wants to be in there with his Daddy!
He just adores his Daddy, it's an awesome love

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I realize that I haven't posted since LAST week's Fur Baby Friday, so yes, I suck.
I promise, I am trying to be better.
Baby has just been making me feel rather BLAH lately


  1. So cute! Love Sully. Dinsmore is the same way, he will cuddle, but when he sees my husband he totally goes bonkers.