Wednesday, February 8, 2012

9 Weeks, What I've Learned

9 Weeks

Well, I've learned a bit more since 8 weeks.
Today, a lesson was reinforced.
I thought that the nausea during Bizzare Foods a few weeks ago was just pregnancy nausea
Today I learned differently.

Today I watched as Andrew Zimmern visited with nomads in Mongolia.
Not bad, you'd think, right?
Up until he said, "And here, in this horse's hide is where they ferment mare's milk"
Then goes on to describe it as sour creamy mixed with lemon
Instant stomach flip
Oh, it doesn't end there, nono too easy

What do the nomad's show Andrew next?
How they cook, using a goat's carcas as an oven.
It was grisly.
I had to get up.

Why do I think I can watch Bizzare Foods?  
Because, pre-pregnancy, I watched it all the time with J
Never a problem
Iron stomach

Apparently that changes with pregnancy lol

Funny thing about Bizzare Foods any my pregnancy?
A week or so before we found out I was pregnant we were watching Bizzare Foods
They are in South America in the Amazon or something
The tribe he's with goes out hunting for food, they need protein and aren't shy about how they get it
The camera shows a backpack with a tortoise strapped to it.
For some reason I didn't connect that with what was about to happen
No no, I didn't make that jump

I started crying
over this tortoise.
The thing that set me off was the dismembered pieces in a bowl.
J thought I was joking when I first started tearing up
Then he sees me with real tears streaming down my cheeks
Then it turns into sobs and sniffles
And me crying, "Why would they eat a turtle?!

Yup, that should have been our first clue of the pregnancy lol

What else have I noticed?
My pants are getting tight
Generally, I'm short tempered, but now I'm REALLY short tempered
I have no patience for stupidity
I have no patience, period
I'm starving, all the time
My skin is insanely dry, even though I drink water like MAD and use lotion
I don't really want red meat, though I should eat it for the iron (it just doesn't taste the same)
I'm exhausted
I burp...all the time

Next baby appointment is in less than two weeks

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