Friday, November 23, 2012

Savings finds!!! And some babbling

Until this year!!  I'm in full shopping that is.  Forget getting out and dealing with crowds of people.  Plus, I have to work.  Law enforcement doesn't stop, 24/7/365!
So, while you folks were miserably stuffed yesterday with your turkey dinners, I was at work...and shopping online.
First, if you're doing the same, don't be silly, go through Ebates to do your shopping.  Not only are most retailers giving uh-may-zing discounts and having fantastic sales, if you go through Ebates you can get cash back!

For instance?  Today I got Pierce several shirts and shirt/pant sets from JCP, through Ebates of course.  I saved $20 on just JCP shipping through Cyber Monday (11/26) with NO code necessary, no spending limit!  If you go through Ebates to shop the amazing JCP sales, you get 10% cash back!

I'm kicking myself for not signing up for Ebates sooner, I did a LOT of shopping yesterday!  Kohl's has some rocking sales!  I'm done with gifts for one family member (can't say who, lol, we're playing secret Santa and drew names), should have cost a total of $85 but I kept it in the family-set budget of $30!  Mega savings right there!  We got Pierce a gift for half of what it cost at a big baby retail store, and a few other Christmas gifts.  In all?  My total was $55!  Free shipping if you spend over $50, used the promo code BLACKFRI to get 15% off, and? I got $15 Kohl's cash to use 11/26-12/3, so I'll use that to get another gift, making it free to me!  Had I gone through Ebates, I would have gotten 6% cash back.  Doesn't sound like much, but it adds up.
Another stupid move?  Seriously stupid because I spent the MOST money here?  American Eagle  Only my FAVORITE place to shop.  Should have cost me $201, instead with tax and again, FREE SHIPPING, only $111.  Ebates? 2% cash back.  But, important here, shop AE, they have 40% off, and free shipping, the code is on the top of the page!  It doesn't get any easier than that, they GIVE you the code.  Very few things don't qualify for the 40% off.  I believe that amazing deal is through Monday 11/26...GET ON IT.
Oh, and what else did I do?  Took advantage of Old Navy sales, and they had a promo online for 30% off (ended yesterday, sorry), free shipping if you spend over $50, which I did...until the 30% off!  Still got free shipping!
We're done.  DONE, with 2 people on our list and it feels uhmayzing.  Almost done with Pierce, because let's face it, he doesn't need much, won't understand the first thing about what's going on.  He'll be a whopping 4.5 months old.  So, I'm trying to buy him gifts that will grow with him, that he can use while sitting still through walking and I've found some great ones!
Any other ideas mommies?

Any one else know any fabulous deals I can't miss?

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  1. don't know if you've tried yet, but it is amazing! and they just started a whole bunch more sites, so you can shop from all of them. +$49 gets you free 2-day shipping and 30% off to first time users and it's on ebates. i just bought most of the christmas presents through them yesterday.