Thursday, November 15, 2012

How has it been 3 months already?

I'll be honest, I've been known to roll my eyes when I've read other bloggers say how fast time flies with their babies, or when people told me while I was pregnant that time was going to fly.
I understand.  Wow.  It doesn't seem like it's been 3 whole months since August 15th.
But it really has.

All 3 of my boys

 Pierce and I enjoyed my last few weeks of maternity leave.  His little personality is really starting to shine

 Pierce will let me lay him down in his crib for about 15 minutes or so, long enough to get a few things done and keep him happy.  He'll talk to the picture that hangs over his crib, or his mobile.  He's turned into quite the chatty boy!

 He's sitting up well (when VERY supported obviously) & manages to keep himself up for a good 5 minutes.
 We didn't do anything for Halloween...obviously he's far too young.  And, this Mommy took the instruction "keep him out of crowds, and away from people touching him" VERY seriously!  We have to get through this first cold/flu/RSV season without him getting sick.
Daddy put his tie on him and declared that he was a Chippendale for Halloween!
 Pierce has started enjoying sitting up with us on the couch, watching things in the room, "watching tv", and is obviously wanting to do more on his own, but his physical development isn't quite there yet.  So, he gets pretty fussy sometimes.  We just change his environment, if we're holding him we'll try his bouncey chair, if that doesn't work, usually laying him on his blanket facing the fireplace/mantel and talks to the clock (I'm sure it's the pendulum) and the crosses.  Smiles and laughs.  He loves laying there while we shake his rattle, which is a great excuse to exercise his neck/head movement following things from side to side.
His little laugh is too cute, it's less of a laugh and more of a hiccup sound lol.  But, we know what it is! He's always a happy smiling boy when he wakes up in the mornings (afternoons, I've lucked up and my baby sleeps till noon!  Works for this 2nd shift Mama).
My favorite men watching football

 The other day he was sitting up, babbling at me and slowly started falling over...I let him, he was safe.  When he finally fell, he must have thought it was hilarious...
 Pierce had his first "booboo".  He's too small for the jumperoo thing, but I wanted to work on his head control and give him something interesting to do, so I was right there helping him stay up.  He figured out that he could kick his legs (which don't touch the ground lol) and he would bounce.  He did that for a while, and kept his head up pretty well.  In a split second, he lost his head control and WHAM, whacked his eye.  Right below his eyebrow.  Tough Stuff didn't cry, he looked at me and said, "Waah!" and that was it.  I got him out and immediately nursed him because I know nursing is a form of immediate pain control.  While I was nursing him, I watched it turn pink and get a little puffy.  Called my mom, knowing I couldn't keep an ice pack on a 10 week old's face lol.  She told me to use a cool, damp wash cloth and put it on his face.  I laid him down, because he didn't want to nurse any more, and laid the cloth on his eye.  He was such a happy boy and laid there with it over his eye.  In 5 minutes or so, the puffiness was gone.  His daddy got home 10 minutes later and the pink was gone!  Mommy fail, but Mommy fixed it!  lol.  He hasn't been back in the jumperoo yet!

J says I harass Pierce...I guess this last picture proves it.  He's just too cute to not harass!!

Pierce is in a mix of 0-3 & 3-6 month clothing.  Size 2 diapers.  His last visit to the Doctor on November 2, he was 13 pounds 5 ounces!
He has seen a Pediatric Pulmonologist for a follow-up on his lungs/pulmonary hypertension and they cleared him, said there's no reason for him to see them again!\
He'll see the Pediatric cardiologist in December, again for a follow-up on the pulmonary hypertension.
And, he sees a Pediatric Neurologist in January as a "precaution" I guess from the possible side effects of using the nitric oxide while on the ventilator in the NICU.  We don't see any neurological issues, so we're not terribly concerned about this visit.  I'm more concerned about the cardiology visit because of his Daddy's heart issues.  So, please keep Pierce in your prayers still.  I pray we ge through these specialist visits and can just see his regular doctor for Well-Baby checks.


  1. He is so cute! Kase will lay in his crib for awhile too so I can feed Kyla or get dressed or put some laundry in. It's a lifesaver actually. I hope your appointments all go well. I'm sure they will! I love seeing how much they change each month :)

  2. I cannot get over how stinkin' cute this kid is man!!!!!!!!! I'm dyyyying over these photos- and really Pierce SLOW DOWNNNN!!!!!

  3. He is so stinking cute! I hope the appointment in December goes well! I will pray for you all!

  4. He is seriously the cutest!!! :)