Sunday, January 27, 2013

4 month appointment...a month late

We somehow managed to get behind on Pierce's well-baby checks...a month and ten days behind.  But, oh well.

I'm hoping to get back on the monthly update bandwagon with his 6 month birthday, but I thought I would update on his doctor's appointment!

Being silly, waiting for vaccines!
As of 1/25/2013 Pierce is:
27" long: 75-90th percentile
17.5 pounds: 50-75th percentile
17.5" head circumference: 75-90th percentile
aka, kid has a huge noggin...more room for huge brains

Dr said he looks great!  I love when the doctor has no concerns!

He got 2 shots, one in each chubby little thigh.  The DTap/HepB was the worst, I could see how thick that one was before she even injected it.  He screamed and cried the loudest he's ever cried after a shot!  I just picked him up and loved on him.  He carried on for a good 5 minutes!  Usually it's a few sobs and over with...apparently he doesn't like concrete going in his chunky thigh!

Fell asleep with peas all over his face

He has reacted the "worst" with these vaccines than he has of all the vaccines he's gotten.  
No fever, which I attribute to his doctor (thankfully) only giving two shots each visit,
but boy, oh boy at the crabbiness, fussiness, and sleepiness.
He slept 9.5 hours straight in his crib, after several naps, woke up at 8:30, nursed and went back to sleep until 11:30!  Then took 2 hour plus long naps!  He fussed and fussed when he was hungry, 10 times worse than usual!  I'll be glad when this wears off!!  Hopefully tomorrow!

I ordered a sling, mostly for hip carry because we're about to trade in his carseat/carrier for one that doesn't come out of the car and I wanted something to carry him in other than those bulky, weird backback carrier things.
I first tried him in the front carry...

Pissed off baby

He did not appreciate that one bit!  I think it confused him.  He grunted, tried to sit up, tried to lay down, tried to nurse, and finally fussed at me.  He was not happy!! 
So, I put him in hip carry...he LOVED it.  He started singing!  So funny!  I love his songs

Another nap...all the singing wore him out
Told you it was Sleepy Town around here

Some of our favorite PJs, I looked back and he's been wearing them since early November!  He was just a slow growing little guy...guess he changed that his month!!

I just took advantage of a fabulous canvas deal and got BOGO 8x10 canvases in black and white.  One of Pierce and J, and another of Pierce and myself.  I can't wait to get them in and put them on the wall next to the 18x24 of Pierce we got ourselves for Christmas!  I'm waiting until they come in for me to show you guys!  I also ordered 180 prints from Thanksgiving through today lol.  J is less than thrilled that we have SO many prints,I just got around 300 prints after Thanksgiving!  But I have 3 collage frames to fill up and I want plenty of options!!  lol  At this rate, Pierce will have a photo-a-day journal of his life!

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  1. Glad his visit went well. I hate when it's time for their shots. It breaks my heart. Hope he feels better soon :)