Friday, January 25, 2013

I was afraid this would happen...

I'm still alive over here, I promise!! Being a SAHM/Wife has been far more busy than I ever expected it to be.  The perfection that danced in my head is laughable.
I haven't done any monthly updates since his 3 month update, and he'll be 6 months old the day after Valentine's Day!  SIX MONTHS?!  WHAAAAAT?!
What's my delay?  Umm...the fact that I insist on all of his pictures having a watermark on them so no freak can steal them.  And, that takes a while.  Since my son doesn't like to nap, I don't have the luxury of sitting down for 2-3 hours and blogging like some folks.  Pierce likes to cat nap.  Just enough time for me to get a load of laundry washed, and another folded, or the kitchen straightened!

5 months old!
Home measurements: 17.2 pounds 1/19/2012  50-75th percentile
26" long 1/19/2012 25-50th percentile
Soooo happy to see him in the average range after being so sick at first!  
Size 3 diaper
3-6mo clothes, 6mo Carter's sleepers

At max on an average day, Pierce wakes up any time between 530-7am, comes to bed with me because I'm lazy and I can nurse him and he falls right back to sleep...meaning I get to sleep more too!!  He wakes up and nurses again around 9-930 and starts to play with the covers, his feet, chats to himself.  I have to get him up when he starts singing.  Yup, the baby sings.  And ooooh, it's LOUD.  It would sound like he's fussing-on-the-verge-of-a-full-blown-fit to anyone that doesn't know his tune.  It's me, and J when he hasn't been at work until 6am, and has to get up at noon for school.
*side note, all the PROPS in the world go to my husband who works full time at night, goes to school full-time 5 days a week for a Business degree with a concentration in accounting, and still finds time to be a great father and husband!*
Back to singing...I have learned that Pierce must sing at least once a day.  His preferred stage is his jumper, but anywhere will work really.  But, whatever you do, do NOT try to duet with him.  Pierce is a solo act, and he will let you know that really quickly!  If you try to sing with him, he stops immediately and gives you a dirty look.  As soon as you stop singing, he'll start back up where he left off.  Yup...brat lol.

What have we been up to?
Eating.  He started his first food the week before he turned 5 months old.  He was ready for foods, watched us eating, reaching for foods, needing more frequent bottles (which isn't easy for me because I just don't make abundant amounts of milk), lost the infant tongue thrust.
So far he has eaten:
Sweet that he's eaten other foods, I can tell he didn't care for them
Avocado...kid LOVES avocado.  Ate 2 whole small avocados in one week!  And learned to smack and open his mouth, ready for more, with avocado
Sweet peas...I can tell he enjoys the taste (that's my boy!), but he's not so sure about the texture.  I got them pureed as smooth as I could get them, but the hulls on the peas just doesn't puree smooth.
I think next week I'll make him some butternut squash!  Or, carrots.  Not sure which!

He has rolled over from front to back, several times...just hates to be on his tummy unless he's sleeping so he doesn't do it often.  Has rolled from back to front, but only on the exam table at the pediatric neurologist, and the table was on a bit of an incline so I don't "count" it lol.
Pierce had to go see a pediatric neurologist because of possible side effects of the nitric oxide he was on in the NICU.  He was cleared, she said he looked beautiful, and we were told to just watch his development!  Yaaay!  He is working on sitting with out assistance.  He reaches for his bottle, toys, things he likes.  He can pass things from one hand to the other and has been doing that.  According to the chart the neurologist gave me, the reaching and passing shouldn't be a milestone he reaches until 6 months but he's been doing that for several weeks now.  Maybe when he was 4-4.5 months old he started all of that.  He is supposed to be sitting with minimal assistance by 6 months, and he's just not doing that yet.  Seems he is maybe still 3 weeks behind on some physical development, which the neurologist said is normal for a preemie.  (Is it strange that I still feel really odd saying he was a preemie? 3 weeks early, and 7 pounds 3 oz just doesn't seem premature)  But, what he is slow on physically, he more than makes up for in his verbal abilities!

I really need to get with it and post monthly updates again, and blog more often!!  Sheesh.

Happy happy boy

We call this his "funny face"
I crack up every time

He has the sweetest smile...and dorkiest laugh lol

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