Wednesday, January 30, 2013

What I'm doing with my hundreds of photos...

I have been trying to slowly decorate our apartment since we moved in.  I know, I know, we moved in July, but I was 8 months pregnant and Pierce appeared exactly one month after we moved in!  So I haven't exactly had abundant free time to decorate, much less shop.  Plus, I'm not one for knickknacks and whatnot hanging from the walls.
I've always loved having photos displayed around our home.  I think they make any place, new or old, comforting and familiar.  I love how you can walk into someone's house and "read" a story of their life and their family by the photos on their walls, in frames on the entertainment center.
Since Pierce was born, I have selected 100-200 photos at a time to print and plan to do that about every 2 months at least through his first 2 years...much to J's dismay lol.  He doesn't understand why I insist on having prints.  There's just something about having those memories in your hand, on your wall, in frames, that makes them so much more special than clicking through them on a computer or on a phone.
I love collage photo frames for the walls because, quite frankly, I can not arrange individual frames on the walls to save my soul!!  lol  I finally found some collage frames on sale during Black Friday that I liked and would spend the money on (come on, ya'll know I'm CHEAP) and had a friend pick them up...because I'm certainly NOT getting any where near Black Friday.
So, to fill up those collages I turned to the only website I've trusted with my photo printing, Shutterfly.  They're always running a great special and I get prints by the hundreds each order.  (Right now they're offering 20% off cards and stationery through 2/1 great for Valentine's Day cards) 

I worked tonight, flipping through hundreds of prints, to pick the best for one of 3 collage frames.
I just haven't found the right pics to fill up those 5x5 circles.  I'm excited to get the next set of pictures, so I can fill the other two and put them all up with the 18x24 canvas of Pierce we got ourselves for Christmas, along with the two 8x10 canvases I just ordered!  Soooo excited!  I love canvas photos and collage frames! My walls will make me so happy!!
I can't wait to show you guys!!

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