Sunday, March 24, 2013

A bit of a vent

I'm going to try to get back into blogging, it's just hard for me to get motivated.
I'm also a little disheartened by the blogging world.  I follow a few bloggers who are "big" and boy does it ever seem to go to their heads.  Not in any mean ways, but in a "I'm such a perfect mother, housewife, and woman"  It just makes me sick.
Our apartment is clean, but cluttered.  We have clean clothes that are folded, but rarely put away.  Our bellies stay full of food that I make, usually from a box or mix.  I have, just this month, found a few recipes that I wanted to try...and gasp only ONE came from Pinterest.
I live in my PJs (unless I leave the house) because it's comfortable.  I could give two sh*ts about the newest fashion, skinny jeans are the dumbest looking things I've ever seen in my life...and color to them and it's just a new level.  Sorry, I'm not sorry.
Pierce also stays in his PJs unless we leave, or he messes them up with food or an accident.  Why on earth do I want to make more laundry to do if no one sees him but us...and we don't care if he's in the cutest name brand newest fashion for kids.  He's comfy, he rocks the pjs.
I don't craft everything I see on Pinterest.
I don't set up my nice Canon Rebel to take posed pictures of myself and my child
I am real.
I am me.
What you see is truly what you get.
You will see my legs in pictures of Pierce, just about guarantee you they'll have pajama pants covering them.
You may see my feet in're lucky if I've given myself a pedicure.
Why don't you see pictures of me very often?  Because my husband doesn't mind me not putting on makeup and fixing my hair, so if I'm not leaving the house, why?  I don't need it to feel good about myself, my abilities as a mother or wife aren't dependent on whether or not I look perfectly coiffed.
I haven't lost all of my baby weight, I still have about 10 pounds hanging around.  I don't really care to be completely honest with you.  J doesn't care, I just had a baby 7 months ago.  Pierce certainly doesn't care.  I'm healthy, my weight isn't causing me any health issues.  I'm not fat, I'm not ideal, but not fat.  I'm certainly no supermodel, and never aim to be.

I'll be here, for Pierce's monthly updates...and any time I have something awesome to write about.  But, until then, I'm living life.  Raising my son, taking care of my husband.  Not stressing over writing a blog post, what content will be..who's following, who's not.
I keep up with blogs I follow by reading them from my phone throughout the day.  I'm here, keeping up with those of you who do write lol.

I am hoping to share a delicious crock-pot recipe for chicken teriyaki soon.  I've had several people ask me about it, so what better way to share it than on here since it goes out to several emails.

Long gone are my days of trying to keep up with the Jones's, or worry about whether Pierce is ahead of his age in milestones.  My son is impressive, just as he is, hitting milestones at the tail end of the month he is supposed to, lol.
I'm just me.  Hope ya'll stick around for my sporadic posts lol


  1. I'd love that recipe! And that's why I love you-you are REAL!

  2. A FREAKING MEN sister!!!! I seriously love love LOVE this post! I am right there with you ;) I have baby weight left to lose {probably even post baby weight} and if we and our hubbys and loving babies don't care why does the rest of the world?? I have no idea how some women find the time to place their camera on the ground play with their child and click the remote! Why not live in the moment and ACTUALLY enjoy your child!? I've been posting but not as much as when I was pre-Sloan's mom ;)

    Good for you girl!!!!
    You're a great mom!
    Xoxo Love you!

  3. well said.

    Nobody blogs anymore, its all about the BIG giveaways, the most followers, etc. etc. Its getting so old to see all the same junk on every blog. People are so into "keeping up appearances" and not blogging from the heart. Their posts are so boring.

    Thanks for a heartfelt, real post.

    Loving the Piece photos on IG.

  4. The sponsored blog posts make me go "unfollow." Reading blogs used to be really it's very pretentious. I got out of blogging for a while, but now that I stay home I'm trying to find a way to be creative, document memories, and talk to other moms and see what kinds of ideas I can get from them.

    I takes lots of photos, but it's because I am a photographer and graphic designer. It's my outlet...but I'd definitely NOT want to be in the pictures, I have so much baby weight still to lose. Tear!!

  5. P.S. - The blogging conferences make me laugh ;)

  6. I absolutely LOVE this post. And I love that you are taking a stance on it. Too many people try to conform and become the person they think other bloggers will like.. but to me, someone who is genuine is SO much better. Best post I've read in a while. Keep it up girl!

  7. Okay, how have I not already commented on this? You know I agree. The whole reason I even started my blog was because there were no women out there being real about their pregnancy. I just don't believe that many women didn't get stretch marks or gain more than the allotted 25 pounds. I call bullshit! Love ya, hon!

  8. It's a strange thing this blogging world isn't it? I mean on the one hand, the community is amazing. strangers who can tell us to keep our chins up or give advice about which stroller to buy or to help in some way. But on the other hand, it can feel like we're not enough if we're not keeping up with the jones'.

    I'm with you, I'm unemployed. I wear jammies most of the day. It's life. my life. and it can't be compared to someone else's pinterest board!