Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Why we're choosing to "wait"...

Wait for what? Food.  
The newest thing we keep hearing is, "When are you going to feed him?" 
"It's time for him to get cereal"
"I fed (my baby) at x-months"

Whelp, folks...Pierce will get fed on his own time, his own schedule, and when he's ready...he isn't your kid. I've done a lot of research on when to feed him, what his first food should be, what it shouldn't be and why.  I'm not saying that if you chose to start feeding your kid at 12 weeks old that you're wrong.  Whatever works for you.  I just ask you, "Why?"  Just like I'm asked "Why" we chose to wait, if I don't have solid answers for family and friends, I'm just looked at as, I look at you like you're kooky if you can't give me solid reasons why you feed your baby early! 

Pierce is 17 weeks old, and as it sits, he has zero interest in food.  He still eats anywhere from 5-6 ounces every 2.5-3 hours and is very pleased with that.  He's gaining and growing, he's meeting milestones.  He is a happy boy with just his Mommy Milk, so we're happy parents giving him just that.  
**Mommy Milk is nutritionally complete until 6 months of age, if he is "steadily gaining weight and seems content with milk feeds alone".  The current recommendation - from medical authorities such as the American Academy of Pediatrics, UK Department of Health, World Health Organization and UNICEF - is to wait until 6 months of age before introducing solids. (cite) (cite)
Pierce still has infant tongue thrust " Tongue thrust aids feeding from the breast or bottle but not solid foods....a tongue thrust is a sign that your baby is not ready to eat solid foods" I've learned that he still has tongue thrust when he's been given Tylenol recently (swollen gums); as soon as you stick the syringe in his mouth the tongue starts working, pushing the medicine right out of his mouth.  He also has a chewer that's shaped like a tiny baby mouth goes in his mouth, and here comes the tongue thrust!  (more info
Also, I've read, in several locations, that Pierce should be sitting up well, supported of course.  But, needing no neck support.  It keeps babies from choking on their food.
*Start solids when he can sit up, open his mouth when he sees something coming, and close his lips over the spoon cite (cite)
Pierce shows no interest in food.  He is watching everything, but doesn't fixate on food yet.  He really could care less.  No, I haven't even brought food near his mouth, but he's sat at the table in our laps while we're eating.  He will watch our movements from plate to mouth, but just as he finds that interesting, he watches the dog moving...I don't think he wants to eat the dog, so I'm going to continue to think that he is also just watching our movements. lol (cite)

Why no cereal?  No grains at all?  Because of a little enzyme named amylase.  Bambinos don't produce enough amylase to break down the grains in cereal/oatmeal/rice until their molars come in.  Until then, the grains just sit in their guts, and some research suggests that the grains can cause food allergies, "Undigested grains wreak havoc on your baby’s intestinal lining. It can throw off the balance of bacteria in their gut and lead to lots of complications as they age including: food allergies, behavioral problems, mood issues, and more." (cite)
Pierce will start on something else, something bland like avocados.  And we'll just go from there.     

We want nothing but the best for our son, and this is what we feel is best!


  1. Good for you mama! Proud of you!!! Stick to your guns about YOUR babe! Love you girl!

  2. First I want to say I'm totally pro-do whatever you want because it's your kid. I was reading the last article you cited about not using infant cereal. And I an see some validity to that too. But towards the end it's recommending feeding your child egg yolks, liver and butter instead?! I would love to see the research they got those ideas from...whoa.

    1. TOTALLY not feeding Pierce egg yolks, liver, and/or butter! Not happening. Some folks go to the way deep end with it all. I can find him other things to feed him instead of some weird liver/egg/butter concoction!

    2. Same here! It seems like they were told "fatty proteins are good" and just looked for the most disgusting stuff they could find. Blech.

  3. I am glad you wrote this because I was just about to do some research because Anna is showing interest in eating. Since I have so many allergies myself, I am skittish about everything lol I have been wanting to feed her as natural as possible, so I did like the suggestion of avocado I have seen on a few sites.