Friday, October 28, 2011

Friday Favorites

Friday Favorites!

I've already admitted I'm addicted to pinterest....if you have pinterest follow me, if you want an invite, let me know I'll send you one. 
I've already made one thing, and am about to start working on another.  And, I know I said I couldn't show you my project because it's a Christmas gift...I'm going to show you!  lol
This picture does it no justice, the pink is much more rosey pink in person
Why did I change my mind about showing off my little project?  Because I didn't do such a hot job of keeping it hidden from the parents.  Yup, it's for our niece, Amelia.  It's not quite done yet, but certainly getting there.  I had a more mature inspiration, below, but since it's for an infant...
The inspiration
I love watching Amelia and J.  It melts my heart
Another Friday Favorite...the way Sully loves his Daddy!
Isn't that too cute?
I love how I some how stumble upon Scripture, right as I need it.  Thank you, God.  I'm sure non-believers would call it coincidence...I call it proof.  I found these verses on a new blog I've decided to follow.  It spoke to me, as you read it, you'll realize that I wasn't in a good mood....still not, can't shake this constant tired
Ephesians 4:31-32

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Seriously Thursday

Yay, time for Seriously Thursday...

Seriously...I'm sick of being tired all the time.  No matter how much sleep I get, I'm exhausted.  I could lay down at just about any point in the day and sleep for at least an hour.  Been this way for a week or's getting old.  For now, I'm chalking it up to the weather changes, and allergies!

Seriously...I've always been afraid of farm animals, unless they're babies (then I think they're the coolest things ever).  J, Sully, and I went on our 2 mile walk and walked past Pancake the Donkey.  Seriously, this donkey is quite old.  Passing by the first time, J and Sully went over and talked to him, J patted his nose and Pancake watched Sully.  Coming back, Pancake started walking down to us and since he's so old, I thought I could go say hi since he was going to all that trouble.  The closer I got to his fence, the faster he trotted.  I honestly didn't think he was going to stop!  He finally did, right at the wire fence, and snorted.  I squealed and ran back to the street!  Didn't even touch him.  In fact, I stayed about 4 feet away from him.  Yup, I'm that big of a weenie when it comes to animals bigger than me.  J just laughed at me and shook his head.

Seriously...If you  need your closet organized, call me.  I'll figure out a small fee.  It seriously feeds my anxiety/OCD to keep my closet organized.  I mean, all white plastic hangers, clothes hung from white to black in color order and then in sleeve length inside their color order.  It bugs me that J won't keep his side of the closet the same way.  So, I quit trying.  lol
partially finished closet, but you get the idea
Seriously...I'm the same way with our finances, I heart excel!  It keeps me organized

Seriously...I'm excited for scarf weather!  I have several scarves, in the summer I use the light ones as belts for my black slacks.  I also love my knit hattie, it has the yarn ball on the top!!  I want another one, similar but with ear flaps.  Like the kind you find at Gap or Old Navy.

Seriously...I hate dealing with cell phone companies.  Whether you deal with someone on the phone, or in the stores, it's never easy or without headache.  Last week we changed plans, the guy in the store said we'd keep all of our features.  I got to looking for our new due date and new bill (remember, I said I'm ocd about our finances), and I notice that we have text messaging charges.  To the tune of $251 for one line and $350 for the other.  WHOA!  Hold up!  I research more, guy didn't give us a plan with texting, talk only.  We rarely talk on the phone, and text all the time.  Problem!  Luckily, J called yesterday and got it straight in no time with minimal headache.  And, our bill should still be lower.  Phew.

Seriously...I'm enjoying my crafting...can't wait to be able to show everyone pictures! 

Tuesday, October 25, 2011


I've had writer's block for a few days, and just been in a very quiet mood.  I don't know why, but sometimes I just get really quiet.  Only, this time, it seems to be a peaceful quiet.  Ever since I wrote how do you make these changes, I've found myself trying to reflect on little inspirational quotes I've seen, things I've read, and just the mere fact that I wrote a blog for the entire world to see...and I'm finding myself quietening the little evil in me. 
Don't get me wrong, I will still light into a rant about things, but I'm trying to catch and stop myself quicker.  I find that when I'm quiet, I'm in a conversation with God. 
The older I'm getting the more drawn to my faith, the more life experience I get, the more blessings I see in my life, the more thankful and faithful I am.  I haven't lived a perfect life, I've been no saint (I've not been a terrible person either!  lol), so to look around at all of the blessings I've been given in my life while not being a perfect Christian...I'm seeing changes in myself.
J and I went to church Sunday morning, we may have found the church to make our church home, it's really nice to find that place, that sanctuary, where you can feel like you're truly in God's house.
(I was a little excited over the fact that I was able to curl my hair again with my flat iron...I am still not used to having hair that is shoulder length lol)
of course, not our church clothes! lol
I've seen such a change in myself, I've even started letting J's grandmother's cat hang out in our room.  She likes it.  It's like Clara-fun-land.  Why?  Because we still have boxes in the bedroom that need unpacking, yes, from before J went to boot-camp!  lol. 
I'm a self-professed cat-disliker (I don't hate allergies do though).  So, it's a huge step for me to let her hang out.  lol.  I used to run her out of our room.  But, the past few days I haven't.  See...becoming a better person!  One cat at a time.

We think she and Sully are BFF when no one is home.  She seems to hate him less, and he seems to try to play with her more...which leads me to believe that she actually plays with him while no one is looking!  She also has decided she likes his diet food....

It is turkey after all
I really get into my off days, more so than I used to.  I really enjoy my time off, time spent with my husband.  He's an amazing man, best friend, confidant.  He spoils me rotten.  Not with monetary items, that's not what life and marriage is about, but with kindness.  He goes above and beyond, and it melts my heart. 

I'm excited to continue to grow, in my faith and in my marriage. 


Friday, October 21, 2011

Friday Confessional...

Since nothing is springing to mind for me to talk about, I'll jump on the confession bandwagon

I confess...That I am enjoying my renewed enthusiasm for crafts.  I'm planning on making everyone's Christmas gifts this year.  However...

I confess...That I'm scared that I'll be really upset and hurt if someone doesn't like the gift I give them.  It's so much more personal when you handmake the gift instead of just buy it. 

I confess...I'm really torn over my grandmother having surgery.  Not worried, at all, she's such a trooper and an amazing, strong woman (I want to be just like her!).  My problem is, I've never seen her in the hospital, I've never seen her have more than just a sniffle, or a cold.  Thinking of going to see her in the hospital, seeing her in serious pain.  I don't know.  I know J and I will go see her while she's in rehab, and we'll see her when she stays with my mother after all of that, but to see her in the hospital...I don't know.

I confess...I have no tolerance for rude people.  People who think they are better than you, when you lead similar lives.  I have 3 words for those type people, "GET OVER YOURSELF"

I confess...I made homemade pizza rolls, idea found on pinterest...I wouldn't jump up and down shouting how fabulous they were, but with a marinara dipping sauce I think they would have been better.  Kind of bland. 
was going to put a recipe, hence the numbers, but it's so pretty self explanatory
I confess...I care more about happiness than I do money.  As long as I have a roof over my head, a car to get me from point A to point B, and food in my stomach, as long as I'm happy I could care less.  Money pays the bills, it doesn't make you happy.  I think when I realized that, I became a much better person

I confess...I have made mistakes in my life.  But, I would never take any one of them back.  I'm a firm believer that every choice you make, every step in life you take molds you into the person you are.  You can either wallow in the sadness that you've made mistakes, or learn from them and make yourself a better person.  I chose the latter

I confess...I have cut myself down to one soda, and one cup of coffee a day.  Some days I fail.  Some days I end up with 2 cups of coffee and 2 sodas.  I'm trying to get back to drinking more water, water is so good for you body.

I confess...I'm running out of confessions.  lol

Have a great day everyone! 

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Amazingly good news

The cardiologist called today!!
With the best news we could have asked for in this situation!  What I didn't reveal in my blog post Tuesday is, that during the echocardiogram & bubble test on Monday, we saw  what we knew was a hole in his heart. 
Well, when the nurse called, she confirmed what we saw, but said that the doc said it was tiny and has said that she doesn't want to do anything about it!  Amazing news.
So, tiny hole, aneurysm, all of this he has had since birth and all things considered, he is perfectly healthy! 
Best way I know to explain it, from how the nurse explained it:
all babies are born with what amounts to incomplete heart chambers, as they grow these chambers close and fully form.  By the age of 18 months, your heart should be finished.
However, some people's hearts don't fully close all the chambers.  In J's case, he has a tiny hole that allows some deoxygenated blood to cross over to the oxygenated side of the heart.
But, the great news is, he has no physical limitations!
God is great and answers prayers!!

Seriously Thursday

Seriously...I first must make an apology, and admit my blonde-ness, for part of my blog post yesterday.  I got to Hobby Lobby today, all of my products in hand (thankful again that I only had one bag full), was glad to see that I would be only the 3rd person in line.  Gave her my receipt, showed her where I had been charged $9.98 for an item I thought I hadn't purchased.  You see, when Cashier double charged me for my cross stitch hoop, it looked a little like this:
Sewing               $9.98
Yeah, guess what?  4.99+4.99=9.98....ooops.  Yeah, my bad.  However, I do not recant any other portion of my rant!

Seriously...After going back to Hobby Lobby, I went to Micheal's to get white buttons.  (I found out for my project I'll need white buttons.  Sorry to keep anyone's curiosity unanswered, but it is a gift for family.  I don't think I have any family on Twitter, so if you're a blog follower and a Twitter follower, I'll show you there when this gets underway!)  I couldn't find the buttons I needed, but saw online, anywhere.  I found an employee and asked, expecting to be pointed in a direction and that be it.  No, no.  This wonderful lady searched the store over and found the buttons!  Now, that, is customer service!

Seriously...My husband says the craziest things.  It's finally fall, and cold.  Today it started sprinkling and J turns and looks at me and states, "I just got peed on by tiny baby angels".  Do what?!  How in the world does he come up with this stuff?!  Yes, I know a lot of it is really put on for my entertainment, yes it works, however...where in this world does he get this stuff?!

Seriously...A few months ago I started having problems with my laptop charger cord, it had a short.  I would fidget with it, mess with it, and get it to work.  Finally, it completely died and I started using J's little netbook in the mean time.  Wow, the difference in my 15" widescreen and having the numberpad on the right...aaaaaahhhh.  Then to go to his little 8" netbook, what a difference.  Saturday I was able to order a new charger off of ebay and it came in yesterday!  $15 with shipping, compared to $50 here in town!  Wahoo!!  And, it works so well!  I'm so excited to have my computer back!!

Seriously...last week I wrote all of my Seriously Thursday blog in HTML, I just figured out how to get blogger to do it for you so you can use HTML links...oh deary me.  LOL

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Yeah, it's a rant...

I have to rant, about customer service.  What is with people and their lack of customer service anymore?  With the economy the way it is, people wishing and praying for jobs, if you don't like your's I promise, there is someone more than willing to happily take your job!
What am I babbling about?  Hobby Lobby, in particular.  I am never impressed with their customer service, or lack of.  However, my latest experience with them pissed me off.  Big time.  And, I hope that their corporate folks stumble on my blog and read it!  Yup, that annoyed!

I feel like I can fuss about customer service because I worked retail the first almost 5 years I was in the workforce.  First in a grocery store, then as a pharmacy tech, followed by shoe hell stores, and finally at Pier One.  Then, during a break from law enforcement, I worked as a manager at a major pet store company.  So, I can be pretty understanding with a lot of issues.  Just not poor customer service!
I ran in to Hobby Lobby, on my lunch break, to grab the necessary items for a Christmas present I'm going to make.  I would show you guys, but it's a secret...shhhh.
First of all, they never have more than one line plus a returns/exchanges line, which is always backed up.  Of course, this trip was no different.  I found most of what I was looking for, then when I had to ask for buttons (yup, buttons are a part of this project) from who I believe was a manager (no apron like everyone else) she just pointed and said, "With fabric" and kept going.  A) rude B) managers/everyone should stop and escort their customer to the desired product. 
Finally, found what I was looking for, got all of my items in my buggy (yup, I'm a southerner, it's a buggy not a shopping cart).  Headed for the one open check out line. 
This line is moving slowly.  Not because of customers purchases.  I can deal with that, cashiers can't help the fact that they have difficult customers in their line.  No, I get mad because the cashier is chatting it up with a fellow employee.  My first thought is, "Hey, fellow employee, why don't you hop on a register instead of run your mouth!"  No, no.  I get to listen to the saga of how Cashier's fiance (I assume, as she made several jealous comments and had a diamond ring on her finger) has a 7 year old daughter that he only gets to see 3 times a year.  Then, complaining about how they can't believe management would leave just two cashiers up front at this time.  Why, oh why, is this a conversation being had while you have customers in line?!  Isn't that was lunch breaks are for?  Text messaging, after work?  Or am I crazy?
She rings me up, remember, I'm pretty OCD about things, especially my budget, so I knew what my total should have been.  $30.49 she says. 
Excuse me?  I immediately see that she has rang up a duplicate of one item.  I didn't buy two of any one item.  I point this out to her.  She then tries to tell me that the one item is, in fact, two.  No, no.  You work at Hobby Lobby, you should know that a cross-stitch loop is a two-piece item.  I don't cross-stitch and I know this!  My 22 year old, very manly husband knows this!  How do you not?!
So, babygirl tries to tell me that I'm going to have to get out of her line, and into the long returns/exchanges line.  Again, Excuse me?  No.  Chatty Cathy tells Cashier that she can do the return at her register and shows her how.  Ok, Chatty Cathy, you now have some value in my life. 
Bing bang, done.  Ok, thanks.  I still think this is a little more expensive than I expected, but hey, $25-tax included isn't terrible for a Christmas gift. 
Excited to get started on my project, I get back to work and sit down.  Something told me to look at the receipt again. 
Wait, wait a minute.  What in the world did I buy for $9.98?!  I purposefully bought other items instead of pre-packaged to bring the cost down.  The most expensive thing I bought were the buttons!  So, I went back through my receipt. 
Well, damn.  Cashier and Chatty Cathy screwed up again. 

I called the manager, and got mad all over when it took 12 rings for someone to pick up a ringing phone at a business.  Again, Customer Service?  Anyone?  Finally someone answers, and I say, "May I speak with a manager, please?"
"How can I help you?"  Um, wait, is this a manager?  Shouldn't managers let the caller, who is requesting a manager, know that they have reached a manager?  "Are you a manager?!"  Yes, I got an attitude, but that's just stupid.
I tell her that I was charged for an item that I didn't purchase, and that Cashier and Chatty Cathy were too busy fraternizing to do their jobs properly.  Yes, I was semi-polite, I didn't yell or cuss, I just changed my tone to one that my husband swears is the most condescending tone in the world. 
After going through what happened and my charge of nearly $10, she says for me to just come back.  Ok, that's what I was expecting.  Then, she tells me that I need to bring in my receipt along with all of my merchandise.  Thank God I didn't buy a whole lot!  She tells me, "So the manager can compare your receipt with your products" 
"So, you want me to bring in product, so that you can see that I do not have the product I'm already telling you I don't have?"  Yes.  Ok...?  She then tells me that if I don't do that, that the management will have to review surveillance video.  WOW!  Hobby Lobby really trusts it's customers!  All that for $10?!  Seriously? 
If it weren't for their prices, which aren't that fabulous unless you catch their awesome sales, I would go to Michaels.  They've always had better customer service.  I already shop the more expensive Target over Walmart because they at least have decent customer service.  I will pay for good service!!  Even though my pockets aren't deep. 
I admit, I can be down right mean.  Ruthless.  But, I only expect customer service.  I don't even expect the level of customer service I would give! 

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Is it actually, finally, fall?

I really enjoyed my weekend...even if it isn't your technical Saturday/Sunday weekend.
J and I spent both of my off days together, relaxing and just having a good time together.  Sunday we jumped in the car and rode, just drove up into Tennessee (the whopping 10 minute ride, lol).  Drove around the tiny town north of us, Sullivan even got to go!  He loves car rides.  We stopped at Sonic during their happy hour, you can't beat two large slushes for $1.97!!  Sully barks at everyone in the parking lot, and of course the carhop!  He's such a silly boy.
We took a few turns, got off paved roads and onto loose gravel roads.  Just the open country, windows down, wind in our hair and Sully's beard haha.  We saw a bridge out sign and of course I wanted to continue and explore this bridge!  The bridge was still there, but there was a yellow metal and concrete barrier with stop signs on it.  On one of the uprights, was carved, "KKK"  Oh dear.  I didn't go any further.  The bridge looked good, so I'll let your imagination run with mine on why the bridge was closed.  It was an old wooden bridge, so I'm sure it's a structural thing, however...I like letting my imagination run hehehe.
We stopped for a photo-op and then headed home because J's aunt and grandmother were singing at their church and had asked us to come.
I love the sun's rays in this pic!!

Still some rays!  Love!
We decided to get out of there before we were mistaken for something we're not!  lol
Then, this little Episcopalian went to her first Southern Baptist church in over 15 years.  It wasn't as bad as I my last experience, since 15 years ago the preacher was yelling.  Screaming about Fire and Brimstone, spittle gathering in the corners of his mouth, fist banging on the pulpit.  Obviously scared me enough to not go back for 15 years!  lol
Before service, J gets a drink from a water fountain.  My nutty husband then turns and looks at me, and asks, "Is water from a church water fountain Holy Water?"
Seriously, where does he come up with this stuff?!?!
Just kidding, it was pretty ok, for a non-Episcopal church hehehe (I add extra jokes because the singing aunt reads my blog!)

After church, we ate at a Mexican joint and I decided to invite everyone over so I could make a tastey treat I saw on pinterest.  Croissant S'mores!
From pinterest since I forgot to snap a pic before wrapping them up

Before they went in the oven
Fresh out!  Marshmallow oooozing everywhere
Best I could do, my attempt to show you guys the inside
They were SO good, I had to fight the urge to eat 5!  I only ate one!  They were a hit, everyone loved them.  They even microwave well, just 10 seconds reheats everything nicely! 

Croissant S'mores
Croissant rolls, uncooked
Milk or Dark chocolate chips
  • Follow instructions like you're going to make regular dinner croissant rolls
  • On a flat, unbaked roll, put a handful of chocolate chips on the widest end (I used my hand to gently push them down into the dough, to make them more stationary when I wrapped it up)
  • Put several marshmallows on the top
  • Wrap, from widest part to the smallest, just like a dinner croissant
  • Bake according to the directions, I think it was 375 degrees for 10 mintues
I lined the cookie sheet with foil because I knew the marshmallows would ooze, so it made clean up a breeze

Yesterday was just full of go, go, go.  We had an appointment with J's cardiologist for tests and we're waiting on the test results to know what next.  The worst part of it all is, he feels great!  People look at him and think he's got to be in perfect health, like he's just the picture of healthy.  I just pray, pray for him and his mental well being.  I can't imagine what it's like, not knowing what is going on with your heart.  I mean, you can live without healthy body parts, but not organs. 
I pray for God to just wrap his hand around J's heart and keep it healthy, lead us in the right medical direction should we need to make some medical decisions.  
Please pray for him too?  Please. 
One cardiology funny...Cardiologists shouldn't decorate for Halloween.  I can't imagine that it's much comfort to patients to top the stairs and find the waiting room decked out in crime scene tape that reads, "DEAD END" and skeletons hanging everywhere...

We had a great lunch with a wonderful lady who I call my Minimommie.  She is my mother's best friend, and when my mom and dad moved out of state almost 8 years ago, I have been able to see her from time to time and talk face to face with a mother-figure.  If you need a realtor here in north Alabama, let me know.  She's amazing!!

J and I just enjoyed the weather, for what was predicted to be the last warm day for a while.  Our lows are dropping into the low 30s at night after this rain pushed through today.  
Of course we took advantage of it this morning on our 2 mile walk.  We even took the monster Sully with us.
the leaves are changing!!  YAY!

I have a customer service rant...I'll post it tomorrow!  lol

Sunday, October 16, 2011

To ink or not to ink....

I've always been against tattoos on myself.  Do what you will to your own body, but they just weren't for me.  Why?  Because I see so many people who have what seem to be impulse tattoos.  Tattoo=permanent, life, forever and ever.  Impulse and permanent do not mix in my book.
I mean, my husband has 6 tattoos and I don't think he's done...not by a long shot.  I went with him to get his last one, which may or may not be dedicated to me.  I'll let you decide:
it's over his heart, in Stonehenge font
And in pics on my blog you readers have seen most of the rest of his tattoos.  He has them on both upper arms, two on his back, one on his forearm...which other than the A, is my favorite.  it's beautiful.

My dilemma has always been I had never seen anything I wanted on my body for the rest of my life...then, if I ever found something I wanted tattooed on me, where.
Finally, I found what I want, but I'm stuck on the where.  So, here's the what:
First choice

2nd choice, but doubting I'd get this one
Ok, so body choices are, wrist just like the pics, or my right foot.  No where else.  Wrist would be good, but not easy to cover year round.  Foot would be easily "professional", just wear shoes!  lol.


Saturday, October 15, 2011

Guaranteed to be random...

I didn't write yesterday, why?  Pinterest.  Guilty.  I resisted the Pinterest bandwagon for a long time.  Resisted, rolled my eyes, decided I wouldn't ever be interested in the site.  FAIL
I'm old-lady-church-bazaar-excited over doing some of the crafty things I've found on Pinterest.   In fact, I plan on having our already busy off-day-Monday include a trip to a few thrift stores for supplies!  And, hey, a few awesome clothing finds wouldn't hurt my feelings!  Bring it on Thrift Store Gods!
Since my hair is getting "fixable" I'm loving these
Hoping to find some cheap ornaments
This feeds my love of anything monogrammed
 I will certainly post when I get any of these crafts done!
Since my hair is finally long enough to do something with, and I know enough about styling my own hair to pull it up in a ponytail, I had my dear friend Brittni french braid it!  I haven't had anyone mess with my hair in so long, it tickled and felt funny to have someone playing with my hair!  We're talking a year since I've had a haircut, even a trim.  And my hair has been super-short since around 2004, so it certainly hasn't been "fixed".
Brittni & I, then me and my french braids...hehe
  Had a pretty good day before work, even though I had to work over last night and didn't get in bed until 4am!  We woke up about 1130 to J's grandmother making lunch.  YUM!  We had her fried chicken tenders, mashed potatoes, and green peas.  This blogger was in heaven.  Even better, I got to pack up some for my lunch break at work!  BLISS!
Before we ate, we bowed our heads to say the blessing.  Before we could start, J's grandmother's cat says, "MEROW?"  Really loudly.  Too funny.  It's hard to say the blessing through giggles.  I guess she was saying her peace!  
My darlings this morning
I'm ready for today to be over so I can be home with my loves for my off days!!  Life is great with them in it!!

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Seriously Thursday...

Seriously...why did I ever open Pinterest? I got my invite, created my log in...I'm going to be one entertained lady at work today! I'm so nerdy, I'm beyond excited over this!

Seriously...I'm finally figuring out how to use HTML on here, and I'm having to bust out my very rusty, insanely minimal Pre-kindergarten level HTML skills. But, it's the only way I can use the link-up for Becky aka Mrs to Mama's Seriously Thursday

Seriously...I need a hair tutorial, my hair is finally getting long enough to do something with and I haven't the first clue as to what to do with it!

Seriously...I'm really working on trying to be nicer, more kind. Some people just flip the switch and it's so much harder to control for me. But, I am making a very conscious effort to do better. Maybe it's like making a habit, if I can repeat the behavior for 21 days in a row, it'll stick. So, here goes nothing!

Seriously...a dear friend of mine just got dumped. How does the guy do it? BY TEXT MESSAGE! TWO days after he went out of state for 3 weeks for work. Yeah. How in the world can you call yourself a man? What makes it worse? They live together, in his apartment. So, yeah, he wins the award! Seriously wanting to kick him in his man parts!!

Seriously...loving the cooler weather, and so glad some rain has come our way. I'm ready for winter. If you're not from Alabama, or this far south, you don't understand. We go from blistering hot summer, about a month of one week of hot alternating with one week of cool and then we get slammed with winter. It stays winter until around March, where it alternates warm and cold weeks until the middle to end of April and we're slammed with full on summer heat again.

Seriously...speaking of winter, I'm so ready to start making Christmas crafts and decorating for the holidays!! J loves Halloween, I'm more of a winter holidays person!

Seriously...I can't wait to start making gifts for Christmas!!

Wednesday, October 12, 2011


OMG!  Why oh why did I ever decide to click on
Worst mistake...ever.  
Now all I want to do is craft!  
I can't even start to think of anything worth blogging about, pinterest has stolen my my brain. 
I'm waiting so very patiently for pinterest to send me my invite email so I can start "pinning" and copying these amazing craft ideas! 
Hello Christmas gifts! 
Anyone have a garage I can raid?  So many of these crafty ideas are made from items you can usually find in someone's junk pile!  So many monogram ideas.  This girl big-fat-puffy-pink-hearts pretty much anything monogrammed. 
Oh geez, a friend who is already on pinterest just told me it can take a few days to get an invite.  Great...just in time for me to forget that pinterest is possibly the coolest thing on the face of the planet, I'll get drawn in again when they finally send me an invite.  Yes, my attention span is that short. 

And, no blog is complete without a few pics:
Mommie and the baby cuddled up last night

Look closely, black sugar stains your mouth!
 We made cake balls and cake pops, decorated for Halloween, of course.  The green ones were affectionately named "Troll boogers" by J's mother.  My mother-in-law is rather imaginative lol!! 
Edited it for Halloween!  lol

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

How do you make these changes?

I have my flaws, I know I do.  I won't argue with anyone about that.  I can be extremely short tempered, especially with certain things...and with people that I have expectations from.  I don't tolerate stupid very well.  I hold people to the same standards I hold myself to, so I tend to get disappointed.  I am high strung. 
Like everyone else, I like things done my way.   The older I get, the better I get about it, but also the worse I get.  I like to get input, I like to learn, I like to research...but sometimes, it's my way or the highway. 
Because I'm so hard on myself, I'm hard on others.  Once my trust or respect has been broken, it's so hard for me to allow trust, and for someone to build respect back.  I can be nice and civil, but for that wall to come down takes time and action. 
I'm sure all of this comes with what my husband has diagnosed as OCD, yes, Dr J has officially diagnosed me with OCD.  lol

I read blogs and I think, "Wow, this person is so sweet.  They never get mad, they have no temper.  Why can't I be more like that?"  I know that what I'm reading isn't 100% of the person writing.  I know that what readers get is whatever the blogger wants us to read.  But, still, if someone is that peachy and sweet on their blog, that Christian, that close to God...I want to learn how to be that way.  I truly do.  But, how do you do that? 
How do you overhaul yourself?  "Fix" your flaws? 
Whose blog inspired me to think about this?  Megan, over at Mackey Madness, with her beautifully written Truths about marriage.  Seriously, go check her out.  She's inspirational.

Then, while searching for new bloggers to follow, I ran across a new blog with this fabulous painting and quote:
It really makes you think.  Can you do that?  Can I do that?  I'd like to think that I am a kind person, a nice person.  A kind person with flaws, I'll admit, but a kind, nice person.  Stop and think about it.  Think about the person who cuts you off in traffic, or in the grocery store line.  Think about the person in the restaurant who wont get off of the phone, keeps yammering on making everyone listen to their jibber-jabber, slowing down the line.  Can you find it in you to be nice to that person?  I know it will be hard for me, but I'm going to try to make a conscious effort to be nicer. 
By nice, I don't mean let people run me over or walk on me.  I just think I could let some of the negativity go.  I want to still be me.  I like me.  I have been through too much, to mold me into who I am, made too many mistakes, learned from those mistakes, to not like me, and not want to change me.  I mean, my husband and family love me, friends love me, so of course I don't want to change me...I just want to better me. 
I want to be more Christian.  I am very judgmental, just like everyone!  Don't sit there and pretend that you aren't.  Some folks just voice it louder than most.  I don't understand the denominations who say they were saved and since they were saved (usually around 13-14 years old) they haven't passed judgement on anyone or anything for any reason.  I just have a hard time with that.  It's not impossible, I understand that, but highly improbable if you ask me.  Good thing I'm not a follower/believer of these denominations!  I would fail miserably.
I swear, sometimes like a sailor, and I really need to work on that.  I'll do really well for a day, then it's Potty Mouth Central the next day. 
I need to be less quick to anger, extend my fuse some.  I can be a hot-head. 
Problem is, I just don't know how to do these things.  I know it'll be like a habit I'm trying to break...because that's pretty much what behaviors are...habits gone bad!!  When I quit smoking, I just locked myself in my house for 3 days knowing that if I drove passed a gas station I would stop for a pack.  It worked, I haven't smoked since, not even one puff in 5ish years (sadly, I can't remember when I quit, it was either April 2005 or 2006.  Pretty sure it's been 6 years, since 05!  Anyway...).  But, you can't do that with behaviors you have had for practically your whole life...can you?

Sunday, October 9, 2011

My milkshake has too much vanilla....

The plan for today was to get up and go to church...I woke up at 910, asked J if he was ready to get up and go to church.  His response?  Rolled over and went back to sleep.  I then thought I set the alarm for 930.  Not so much.  We woke up at 1150.  Church starts at 11.  Needless to say, we didn't make it. 

While I was drinking my coffee, J was reading his book, but fussed about me watching Big on A&E.  Said it was dumb.  What did I choose instead?  100 Greatest Hits of the 00s.  Oh yeah baby!! 
I can remember rocking out to some DMX, Usher, Lil Jon, punishing the poor old speakers in my 1983 Cutlass Supreme
My 1st car, 1983 Cutlass Supreme (aka Hooptie), this exact color
My 2nd car, 1986 Cutlass Salon (aka Jankie)
Yes, I was a little 16 year old blonde girl in a drug dealer's car...this was my father's doings, not mine.  He swore these cars would be safe, because of the way they were constructed.  Never mind the fact that these cars were made long before the advent of air bags. 

Anyway...J just sat there, watching VH1, shaking his head.  He had never heard of most of the songs, and was very unimpressed with the rap that came out my Junior and Senior years in high school. 

The first thing that floored me, was when I got super psyched because VH1 is bringing back Pop Up Video, and J says, "What is Pop Up Video".  Words escaped me.  How is someone that pop-culture illiterate?  lol
I have found some video and shown him...he's still less than impressed.  I, however, am excited!! 

Then, Kelis "Milkshake" comes on and I try to show him how to dance...I took dance from 3-5years old, and cheered in 6th grade and that's the extent of my dancing resume.  I did it really quickly, and embarrassed, sat back down.  "Wow, that's a frothy mess...someone left the top off of that blender"  Thank you honey.  Thank you.  Then, I later try to dance to another hip-hop song, probably a Lil Jon song.  Again, commentary from my loving husband, "Your milkshake has way too much vanilla"  LOL!  I can't argue, I'm just a white girl who fits the stereotype of white girls dancing.  Guilty as charged.  Which is why I do not go to clubs and go out dancing.  Never been, never will go!!

At first, I thought his lack of pop-culture knowledge was our age difference.  I am 5 years 9 months older than him after all.  So, my friend and I are texting, and I tell her about this.  She busts out with some "Get Low" lyrics and I know it's just J.  They're the same age, so I knew it wasn't an age thing.  LOL.  It's ok, it gives him something to laugh at me about.  Not that there is ever a shortage of laughter when I'm around.  I'm either saying, doing, or messing up something and making him laugh!  Good thing it goes both ways. 
We laugh together, a lot.  That's a good marriage! 

Saturday, October 8, 2011

Almost had a heart-attack!

Oh what a morning I had...J and I were on our daily walk, enjoying the beautiful weather.  Not a cloud in the sky, cool breeze.
We were almost done, on our last half a mile or so, rounding a turn that is bordered by woods.  All of a sudden we saw something large move, a branch fall, we both stopped.  We slowed down, figuring we had spooked a deer. 
Getting a little closer, and not seeing a deer, we kept on.  All of a sudden, a huge noise and this black thing comes flying out of the trees.  At the exact same time we both yelled, "HOLY SH*T!" and froze as we realized the big black shadowy thing was a huge vulture.  Apparently we pissed him off!  He started buzzing us, I seriously thought we were going to get attacked by this bird with a 6-7 foot wing span.  No joke, he was that big. 
Taking a better look at the sky, we realize that there are more of these ugly things.  Now, living in the country in Alabama, a vulture isn't a strange sight.  However, 7 of them getting their feathers ruffled by our presence is uncomfortable.  They all started flying over us and we smelled the dead stench of whatever it was that the vultures were feasting on.  We didn't stop to investigate!  lol

Before we went on our walk, and braved the vultures, J got to tell his niece more stories.  Today's story, how her cousin Sullivan is "special", he was born that way apparently.  His niece loves to watch Sully, she grins and smiles at him. 

Story time
Then a small person got fussy...4 months and already teething!  So, off to her mommie she went.  As soon as J's lap was empty, someone had to occupy it. 
yeah, I know, I managed to snap the pic with his eyes closed...oops
Sully can't stand it when the baby gets attention and he doesn't.  He isn't snappy with her, but as soon as someone's lap is becomes dog-full! 

Friday, October 7, 2011

Please bear with me

If it isn't blatantly obvious, I'm trying to redesign my blog.  And, frankly, me and html are not on the best terms.  We are not bff

So...I'm working on it

The Rules of Facebook...if you ask me

The Rules of Facebook...
according to me

In no particular order
  1. If you wouldn't stand on a rooftop and scream your status, don't post it. 
  2. If you wouldn't show your grandmother the pictures you're posting, don't post them
  3. Facebook is a place to reconnect with friends, not make new booty calls.  If you want a booty call, try an actual dating site
  4. Do not air your grievances with someone on your Facebook status, if you have a problem with someone, go to them!  Don't hide behind your profile
  5. Remember, Facebook is supposed to be a fun and enjoyable "place"...keep your deep dark whoa-is-me crap to yourself.  Or, hey, write a blog.  LOL
  6. Don't over share, folks don't need, or care, to know your every bowel movement.  I'm exaggerating here a little of course, but seriously...the over sharing on Facebook is insane.  One post in  the morning, one in the afternoon'll do ya.  Just about any more than that and it's overkill
  7. For the love of Pete, don't add people you don't know, or barely know.  I have some life connection to the less than 80 people I have on my Facebook.  I'm related to at least 20 of them!  Just because someone sends you a request, doesn't mean they should be on your list. 
  8. If you need attention, look for a positive way to get it.  Facebook wasn't created for attention getting
  9. Chain-statuses!  OMG people.  Do you forward chain emails?  Do you hear people talk about how excited they get when they get chain emails?!  NO!  That mess goes straight for my trash folder!!  Why do you fill up the Facebook feed with that mess?!  
  10. Don't fuss about your job, it's not the place, and it's just tacky
  11. QUIT SENDING ME GAME REQUESTS!  If people wanted to play the ridiculous farming/restauranting/mafia games, they would sign up for them on their own.  I promise.
  12. Learn these simple grammar/spelling rules: You're = you are Your = shows possession There = is a place They're = they are Their = show possession Too = also To = preposition Two = a number, you know, after one comes two....these words are not interchangeable, please don't show your ignorance by thinking they are.
  13. Letters are not words.  How r u? is not How are you? ILY is not I love you  If you can't spell basic words, either learn, get spell check, or get off of the internet
  14. I have a potty mouth, however you may not know that from my Facebook.  Why?  Because I don't want to offend anyone on my friends list.  Cut out the cursing
  15. If you take a quiz, don't post it for everyone to see...that clutters up the news feed, and frankly if you care what Harry Potter character you are, I don't want to be your friend anymore lol
  16. Unless you're sure your friends want to attend your Event or join your Cause, don't invite's annoying.  Guaranteed, I hit ignore
  17. It's called a private message for a reason, use them!!  Private message for Private conversations.  If you don't want everyone on your list to know your business, learn how to email or call
  18. Facebook should be like your garage, it needs cleaning every few months.  Take half an hour and figure out if you still care anything about so-and-so's life, kid, pregnancy, husband.  If you don't, delete!  I promise no one will have hurt feelings, and if you do, grow up.  Maybe even go through your wall posts/statuses/likes, delete those that don't pertain to your life anymore.  Facebook is a reflection of your life
  19. It's football season, I know that.  I live in the south, Rah-rah, Go Team.  I just don't have the football spirit I'm told I should have.  I used to care, but man, that gets pretty stressful!  It can ruin your entire Saturday if you can't watch your team play, or they lose!  Anyway, don't post every play your team makes.  If we wanted to know every play, we'd turn on the television or the radio.
  20. Lastly, if you're under the age of 16, GET OFF OF FACEBOOK!  If you have to LIE to get a Facebook account...maybe you shouldn't have one!

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Seriously Thursday

Seriously...Why do I read trash magazines?  People, InStyle, whatever gossip mag there is.  I don't buy them, but I will read them when I see them.  I do nothing but roll my eyes at 90% of the stuff lol

Seriously...People need to police themselves better on Facebook.  Facebook isn't a place to air your grievances with the world.  If you're upset with something, say so but in a very general way.  I get so tired of reading people's Facebook statuses when all they do is bitch about things, or embellish.  Embellishment is just as bad.  Facebook is misused, and unfortunately shows the true sides of people.  If it's not the world's business, don't put it on Facebook.  This could really be a post itself, "The Rules of Facebook"

Seriously...Allergies go AWAY

Seriously...I'm too old for dramatics

Seriously...Does anyone have any suggestions for good inexpensive car insurance?  Mine has gone up for some inexplicable reason and I refuse to pay that much money.  We're going to try Gieco and see what they have to say

Seriously...I had a huge pitty party last night, I rarely have them, but it felt good to vent and fuss

Seriously...I have the best husband in the world, I feel like I should brag on him for just being an amazing husband.  He defines Husband if you ask me

Seriously...J and I are waiting for our break, waiting for a great job offer for him, waiting for something we want but can't make happen.  We're still upbeat about it all, and our marriage is great in the face of odds that most people allow to break them down.  I can't wait to see what God has in store for us

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

If? I like if

I love the word "if"  I don't know why.  I like "if" questions.  I like playing with options lol

If I were to get pregnant again...
I guess I would have had to be pregnant once to have an again...If I were to get pregnant, we would be elated to have a child to raise in the love we have 
If I could have any job in the world....
I don't know, I do know it would be a fabulous, high paying, part-time hours, Tuesday through Thursday job.  lol.  Hey, this is IF remember
If I had a day to myself...
I would relax, get a mani-pedi, get my hair trimmed, eat delicious food
If I could get married all over again...
I would have more family there to celebrate with us
If I could live anywhere in the US...
I would stay here in the south!  I'm a southern girl through and through
If my boy were a girl what would he be named....
If Sully were a girl....I have no idea what he would be named!  He was named after the big blue monster in Monster's Inc after all.
If I could have any talent...
I would be far more crafty,  You know you're also sickened by the women who can just pick up any craft project and make it look perfect.  Sometimes I could kick Martha Stewart
If you met me in real life...
You'd get the same person you read in the blog.  I'm upbeat, scatterbrained, quirky
If money was no object...
I would still work, somewhere.  I can't just sit around.  I'd go nuts
If I could meet one celebrity...
 I would probably ask them if the excessive spending was really necessary
If I could shop at one store for the rest of my life...
I would probably pick Target, way better than Walmart, and has practically everything you could ever need
If I could get another pet....
I would get J a puppy, a female puppy because they're easier to train!
If I could go on vacation right now...
It would be to an all-inclusive resort on the beach somewhere for 2 weeks, just me and J.
If I had to choose between a house keeper or a personal chef...
ooooohhhh, good one.  I think personal chef!
If I had the option to get plastic surgery...
I'd get it!  What woman doesn't have places that she'd have nipped, tucked, sucked?  Places that no matter what she does in the gym, you can't fix it!
If you could, would you go back to high school?
Not even a chance
If a genie appeared and granted you two wishes, what would they be? (And, no saying "more wishes".)
I would ask for J to get his dream police job
and for some drama to disappear
What kids show do you secretly like?
Honestly, I don't watch any.  I don't even know which channel Nickelodeon or Disney are on
What is your beverage of choice?
That's easy!  Pepsi Max or Coke Zero! 
What is something that you would change about yourself (or are working to change in yourself)?
  I don't know, that's a good one.  I'm sure I could find a million things.  I have a hard time answering this question because every individual flaw adds up to making you the person you are.  Hmmm...
I truly think what I need to work on is my relationship with God.  First and foremost.  
We have a relationship, I talk to Him, alot.  However, I need to listen more.  I need to seek Him more instead of trying to take care of everything myself
I actually combined two surveys, but I liked them.  They had different questions on them than you usually see.